Just a Mom

Moms need a reality check. Being a mom is not the toughest job in the world, like a certain viral video has recently said. I swear that stupid video showed up in my Facebook news feed about 20 times. People ate it up and kept passing it around. That video did a good job at pulling at heartstrings, but it Read More →

Bullying or Just a Jerk? There is a difference

Some things aren’t popular, but that rarely stops me from saying them. This is no exception. I’m tired of hearing about bullying. I’m tired of everyone being labeled a bully. If a kid makes fun of another kid, if a kid calls someone a name, if someone gets their feelings hurt, people are quick to use the word bullying. That’s Read More →

Paul Ryan: The Out of Touch Douchebag

I don’t usually talk about money, but could you imagine making $30,000 per month? Damn. I can’t even begin to imagine that. How do you think a person who makes almost $30,000 per month can relate to a family making under $30,000 per year? How can the rich person begin to understand the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck? How Read More →

Poor Little Rich Girl

We have a problem. There’s a generation of “kids” in their teens and twenties who believe their parents are forever responsible for their happiness and well being. They feel others should accept responsibility to cater to their wants and needs, even after they are adults. They feel others should support them, and they shouldn’t have to work for anything. They Read More →

A Reminder About Stranger Danger

Last week was a busy, stressful mess around here. I wasn’t in a writing frame of mind, although I saw many news stories that would usually prompt me to write. There was one story that haunted me all week long. “Mom Irate After 5 Year Old Picked Up From School By Stranger.” All week long, I kept thinking these two Read More →

My First Troll Was a Complete Loon

I know some of you saw my post on Facebook the other day, but for those of you who missed it and for those who are curious, I had my first troll the other day. That should put me in some kind of special blogger club or something. Bloggers Who Have To Ban Assholes might be a fun club to Read More →

Spanking Comments Worse Than Proposed Kansas Bill

I’m sure you’ve probably seen Kansas in the news…again. This time for a proposed spanking bill. Initially it didn’t bother me too much, simply because I thought it was so absurd there wasn’t a chance in hell of it actually getting voted into law. After I read the first article, I started looking at comments. I figured there was no Read More →

Keep Your Religious Freedom. I Prefer Fair Treatment For Everyone.

Religious freedom is what this country was founded on. You can practice any religion you’d like, and while some people will undoubtedly think you’re wrong, no one really cares. As a society, we do put a limitation on that freedom. Religions that requires human sacrifice? The country steps in and says, “No way! You can’t do that in the name Read More →

The Oklahoma Story We Should Be Reading

Do you ever read or watch the news and get perturbed that the focus is so narrow they miss the broader, more significant message? That’s what happened to me yesterday. The article I was reading was focused on the story’s douchebag. I’ve been guilty of concentrating on the douchebag myself, but while doing that we can’t skip over the more Read More →

10 Reasons Why Long Distance Friends Are Easier Than Face To Face Friends

I  have a few really good friends who don’t live around me. In the case of one friend, I’m the dumbass who moved across the country to Seattle. “Home” used to be Michigan. The only mountains they have there are the mountains of snow that are constantly being dumped on them. I’m not missing that crap, but I always miss Read More →