I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.

When I look around, I see a world full of adults with toddler mentalities. Both believe their needs and wants are top priority, they feel they’re always right and their opinions are all that matter. These people go around acting like close minded, entitled, self-absorbed, arrogant brats. It’s getting worse, and honestly, I’m realizing liberals are every bit as guilty Read More →

George Will: The “Sexual Assault is a Coveted Status” Douchebag

I haven’t done a Douchebag Of the Week Award (DOWA) post for so long, I’ve almost forgotten how it’s done. I see so many douchebags these days, it’s hard for one to rise above the rest. One was finally brought to my attention. George Will takes his douchebaggery to a higher level. George Will is an opinion writer for the Read More →

Cut the Apron Strings: The Doctor Needs 5 Minutes Alone With Your Teen

After talking with a few people, I realize I may be in the minority here. Sometimes a doctor or nurse has your child’s best interest in mind and helicopter parents need to back off and let the professionals do what they are trained to do. A doctor talking with a teenager alone may be in everyone’s best interest. There is Read More →

Open Your Eyes – It’s Called Equal Rights

We have a long way to go with equal rights. My third grader brought home a study guide for social studies that had the term “civil right” on it. It’s definition was “rights that people have simply because they are citizens.” As a country, we’ve come a long way. Many of us are lulled into a sense of “things are Read More →

Foot Ashore, Pay to Pee, and Other Crazy Shit

I wanted to call this “the second installment of what the fuck is wrong with people.” Instead, I think it’s more about crazy shit happening all around us. Here are a few highlights that I don’t think you’ll want to miss. First up, the city council of Pikeville, Tennessee has said if you are wearing saggy pants, you’re paying a Read More →

Are People Responsible For Their Thoughts, Actions, or Neither?

There are a number of things I don’t think of too often. What people wear is one of them. How they have their hair is another. Basically, if it’s style related, I’m not thinking of it. It’s just not “my thing.” Yesterday I found this account from a 17 year old girl who was kicked out of prom because her Read More →

The Internet Holds Us All Accountable. We Are All Out of Luck.

Everything we do and say is easily searchable on the internet and may be held against us in the future. Yet, we seem to be surprised, or even upset, when hear that someone is denied opportunity, loses a promotion, or even loses their job, based on something they said or did in in the past. Or, maybe we aren’t surprised. Read More →

Facebook and Other Social Media: Love It or Over It?

I have some questions. I need some feedback. I’m sharing some info. I’m sure by now everyone is tired of hearing me bitch about Facebook. Remember when they won the Douchebag Of the Week Award? It was only the second time I’d ever handed out that award, and they were so deserving. They are even more deserving now. Facebook has Read More →

Just a Mom

Moms need a reality check. Being a mom isn’t the toughest job in the world, like a certain viral video has recently said. I swear that stupid video showed up in my Facebook news feed about 20 times. People ate it up and kept passing it around. That video did a good job at pulling at heartstrings, but it did Read More →

Bullying or Just a Jerk? There is a difference

Some things aren’t popular, but that rarely stops me from saying them. This is no exception. I’m tired of hearing about bullying. I’m tired of everyone being labeled a bully. If a kid makes fun of another kid, if a kid calls someone a name, if someone gets their feelings hurt, people are quick to use the word bullying. That’s Read More →