Facebook and Other Social Media: Love It? Over It?

I have some questions. I need some feedback. I’m sharing some info.

I’m sure by now everyone is tired of hearing me bitch about Facebook. Remember when they won the Douchebag Of the Week Award? It was only the second time I’d ever handed out that award, and they were so deserving. They are even more deserving now.

Facebook has always been my number one social media source. Personally, I find twitter to be confusing. Although I have an account there, I rarely log in. Someone once explained it to me as “yelling into a dark room.” You have no idea who, if anyone, will hear you.

Pinterest used to be a fun time waster. I still have an account there too, but rarely do I sit and browse through what people are pinning. Last time I did have a chance, I got distracted rather quickly and moved on to other things. I get distracted easily.

Then there’s Google +, which has been said to be up and coming, but doesn’t make much sense to me either. I’ve heard it was going to be much better than Facebook, but it doesn’t seem like it is. Does anyone actually use Google +?

There are two sides of Facebook for me. First, there’s my Bitch & Whine page. Usually, I only share links to my blog posts. I figure that is probably why people liked the page – just as a way to get notified when there’s a new post. Sometimes I will share other articles or pictures I enjoy. Sometimes I’ll even have good conversations in the comments section under a post. Love it when that happens.

The problem with my Bitch & Whine Facebook page is that Facebook is a stingy bastard that only shows stuff to about 10% of the people who like that page. Even though I don’t like it, I’ve come to terms with it.

A while ago I read an article by Forbes,  that while talking about Facebook’s organic reach said, “And the unofficial advice from Facebook sources to community managers noted in the report? Expect it to approach zero in the foreseeable future.”

0%? So, people decided to like my page on Facebook and Facebook decides they are going to show my posts to 0% of those people…unless…I pay. That would be paid reach instead of organic reach. That would take some Benjamins.

The problem here is I don’t have the money to pay. My blog earns $0. Ha! Yep, I just do this for the fun of it, and believe me, it IS a lot of fun. But, I can’t pay Facebook to let random people know I posted a new blog post.

I just read this article on Slate that says if the word Congratulations is in the comments more people will see the post. Not sure if this is just for personal posts or for pages too, but if anyone ever wants to congratulate me on Facebook for making it to Wednesday or any other nonsense, I’ll take it. :)

The other side of me and Facebook is my personal page. Lately I’ve been getting a little bored with it. Honestly, do I care how all my friends did on the “what is your patrones” buzz feed quiz? Does it matter “what US president are you”? Maybe it’s just my friends, but we use Facebook as a way to complain about being sick, the bad winter much of the country had, and to tell everyone we took our kids to the park.

Some people feel like they need to share every time they go to the gym or that they are at McDonalds for the 4th time this week. I think my life would be complete without that knowledge. I’m guilty, too. I share many of my blog posts.

Do you ever kinda feel over it?

Our Facebook friends…I have friends from high school that I haven’t talked to in 20 years – not even comments back and forth on Facebook. I have family that I haven’t even interacted with on Facebook or in real life for a year or more. Does that make me a stalker? I see everything they post, everywhere they check in, but the lack of interaction is kinda stalker-ish, right? Maybe I should have a 6 month rule…if someone doesn’t at least like one of my posts over the course of 6 months, they probably are just spying. And if I can’t comment or like someone’s post, it kinda shows I’m just a spy too, right?

I’m not thinking of deleting my Facebook account and boycotting it altogether. I mean, there are several people I do keep in touch with, chat with, send messages to and I love seeing what’s going on. Many of them live way too far away to see regularly, but Facebook is a good tool in keeping in touch with them. People often times will send me articles via Facebook. I love that.

There is one more option with Facebook. Follow. You can follow people. If you follow me, this supposedly makes it so you will see everything I share publicly. So, as long as I share my blog posts there, it will show up in your news feed. But if I share a post about the funny thing my kid said last night and forget to switch it from public to private, you’d see that too. Let’s be real…I am forgetful sometimes.

On top of it all, Facebook keeps making changes. I never hear anyone saying they love the changes that are made. Is everyone feeling sick of the changes? Was Facebook kind of a phase, and the phase is coming to an end? Perhaps I’m one of the only one’s who are having these feelings?

Here are my questions:

What forms of social media do you use?
Are there any I should check out?
How would you like to be notified about my new posts?
Do you ever feel “over it” altogether, or do you love it?

By the way, you can always sign up to get notifications of a new blog post delivered straight to your inbox (upper right hand side of every page, right where it says subscribe via email – or leave a comment on this post and check the box that says notify me of new posts by email).

35 Thoughts on “Facebook and Other Social Media: Love It? Over It?

  1. First, I love your blog and look forward to your post.

    Re: your questions…I am on Facebook but I don’t pay much attention to non family & friends post. I have a notification set for Facebook to send an email when Family & Friends post. I’m on the same page with you when it comes to Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, i.e. have account but can’t remember the last time I logged in.

    I prefer receiving email for your blog. Actually, I am proudly “old school” and if post, store ads, etc. can’t be delivered to my email, it will not be read / viewed — LOL.

    BTW: Again, I love your blog — keep ’em coming.

  2. What forms of social media do you use? FB, Twitter, and G+.
    Are there any I should check out? I have a lot of fun interacting with other bloggers on both Twitter and FB, but not many people use G+, which sucks, cos I like it.
    How would you like to be notified about my new posts? I have subscribed to your blog through Bloglovin’.
    Do you ever feel “over it” altogether, or do you love it? I use it mainly to interact with other bloggers and friends. I don’t mess around with all the quizzes and stuph. I share my posts and follow other bloggers so I can keep up with them and what they share.

    FYI, I shut down my FB page for Stuphblog because NO ONE was seeing anything that happened over there. I created a profile under the name Drun Kenman so I could do all my bloggy related stuph on FB under that profile, which is the one that friended you.

    I didn’t see wasting my time maintaining a page no one saw, and I’m certainly not going to pay FB for a blog I’m not getting an income from.
    Twindaddy recently posted…Share Your World – 2014 Week 17My Profile

  3. I use FB and recently found Pinterest. But I don’t use Pinterest for anything other than saving items that I want to easily find later.
    Recently I closed my Twitter account… for the second time. I don’t like it and it DOES feel like a big black hole.
    I am getting fed up with FB and all the changes. I dislike how the feed works. I don’t wish to see old stuff over and over and OVER. But, I do keep it, for now, because it does connect me with people I wouldn’t otherwise get to keep up with. If it gets to a point that FB wants me to pay for a page, I will close my account and figure something else out.
    I get notification for your posts through email. There are reasons why I like bloggers FB pages. Some bloggers do post additional information on their FB pages and I find it frustrating that FB will try to coerce people into paying to be seen publicly.

  4. Hi Kiddo, use FB, Pinterest & justapinch. JAP has been a BIG headache this past week and maybe…maybe it is finally resolved. If I really miss you guys and want to hear voices, I use the old standby: PHONE!
    I get notified by email of your blogs. Would like to see more recipes, since I get tired of whining; my own as much as others. And we can get that out of the way via a phone call.
    Love you guys. Now, I have to actually do something worth while here at home to show I care about something other than sitting at a computer for 4 hours a day. 😛

  5. Doug in Oakland on April 30, 2014 at 5:44 pm said:

    About as close to social media as I get is commenting on my favorite blogs. This one, for instance. I know people to whom Facebook is an important communications tool. I am not one of them. Facebook sends me at least one email per day, trying to lure me in, a behavior I find somewhat unseemly, but apparently not enough to get me to figure out how to make them stop. It doesn’t surprise me that they are trying to figure out how they can charge for what they do. People have gotten rich off of Facebook, and that money has to come from somewhere, eventually.
    When I read about the quizzes people take on Facebook, I finally understood the lyrics to this hilarious song by Kate Miller Heidke (warning: NSFW):

  6. Doug in Oakland on April 30, 2014 at 5:48 pm said:

    I was just trying to post a link to that video, I didn’t know it would embed… Sorry about that. You can take it down if you like; it’s easy to find on Youtube…

  7. I’m pretty much over all of it. I’m tired of putting in the time for no return. I do have someone who is going to teach me more about G+ and twitter as I don’t get either one really. Facebook can just plain suck it.
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…MIA in BloglandMy Profile

  8. Hello Rhonda,

    I think Facebook is mainly for the younger crowd and not for older and retired folks. I still check Facebook to see what friends are doing however I find most of them haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I also still prefer talking to my friends using the old fashioned telephone. It seems people don’t write and send letters anymore. I wonder if when they are older they will have some regrets about not having letters from family and friends that would contain more personal news that they wouldn’t share on FB. Of course generations change and each one has it’s own ideas on what’s important.

    I really enjoy your columns…keep up the good work!

  9. Agreed and agreed. I just deleted my FB page. I thought of it this way, if you (reader) want to read my blog, but a) don’t subscribe b) follow on twitter where I unleash the link upon publication or c) follow in a reader like Bloglovin’ or Feedly then you’re just being lazy. You need me to push it to FB because you don’t like the other three methods? Like you, I do this blog thing for free. I love my readers, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not going to pay for them to have access to a scrolling feed which they may or may not click to read. There are plenty of other ways to get the milk for free.

    Google+ I’m there, I’m active and it’s working for me. Twitter, the same. Pinterest is my nighttime business or place where I pin stuff I need to remember (but never do) later.

    I know – this is a ramble. Forgive me, I just got done with the AtoZChallenge and I am questioning everything about everything – making sense of nothing.
    Cristina recently posted…The Land of BlozMy Profile

  10. I get frustrated with social media all the time (no face-to-face interaction is hard for me), so I take periodic breaks. I get the most interaction from Facebook, from my personal page, closely followed by Twitter. I am still baffled by G+, but partly because I still haven’t learned its ins-and-outs.
    Natalie D recently posted…Rocky Mountain HighMy Profile

  11. I’m kinda over FB and I am starting to use it less and less. Since I did the Julie’s Social Media Boot Camp and know more about G+, I love it! And I love Twitter! The more I use them the more comfortable I get with them!
    Sarah @Thank You Honey recently posted…Tips for Handling Unwanted BehaviorMy Profile

  12. I’m baffled by Facebook too. I’m pretty over it personally but do like it for keeping in touch with family and friends I don’t see. Double edged sword!
    Kate recently posted…Wrapping up WPBMy Profile

  13. Facebook often annoys me..but I must love being annoyed because I keep my account.

    Pinterest is good for recipes and how to tie a scarf..

    And I LOOOOOVE twitter…it does take a while to get used to it..but I was hooked once I got the hang of it.
    Michelle recently posted…40 Essential Tips Every Cubicle Dweller NeedsMy Profile

  14. I still find Facebook to be the biggest source of my traffic. That said, I’m tired of having to constantly figure out where the hoop is, what it looks like, how big it is, etc. I’m too out of shape to be jumping through the FB hoop all the time.

    I’m all over twitter and I Pin, but don’t browse a lot there. I’m such a noob on Google+ … I’m trying, but not a lot. lol

    I just keep plugging away … and I’m sharing more on my personal page (probably to the chagrin of my friends and family).

    I feel you, sister!
    Real Life Parenting recently posted…You Might Be an Asshat if You Think Disagreeing with You = BullyingMy Profile

  15. I’ve been thinking about all of this too. What’s interesting is that I work for two bloggers. One has 22K followers on FB and the other has 160K. The one that has 22K is really trying to grow her following on FB, so she is posting every couple of hours (or I am because I’m managing her social media for her). In the past 3 days that we’ve been doing that, she has gained about 120 new followers in 3 days. She is not just sharing her content, but sharing other bloggers content as well. It makes me wonder if maybe I’m looking at my FB all wrong with the way I use it. Maybe I need to just share a bunch of random stuff I find around the internet and see who follows me. I don’t know.
    Here’s the issue I have with google+. I feel like no one besides bloggers are using it. And, aren’t we all over-tired with reading, and sharing, and liking our own posts? If the only people on google+ are other bloggers because it’s up and coming, then how often are we willing to actually share other people’s content.
    I don’t know. I’m kind of talking out loud on your blog, which is kind of annoying, so I’ll shut up now. But, long story short. I can relate to all of your feelings.
    Meredith recently posted…Why All Companies Should be Marketing to PreschoolersMy Profile

  16. Not annoying at all! I actually love following your thoughts here!

    What you said about G+ is Exactly how I feel about it! Are we basically just trading a like for a like (or share for a share) and never actually reaching new people/gaining followers? I don’t know any people aside from bloggers who are using it, which is disheartening.

    When FB works for us, it is wonderful – the way it used to be. Maybe I just need to be more creative with what I am sharing.
    Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Facebook and Other Social Media: Love It or Over It?My Profile

  17. I’m definitely over FB. I still have my page but I put no effort in trying to get more likes because in the end, all that effort will have been wasted because they won’t see my posts anyway.

    Twitter and Google+ are my thing. I love Google+ for the circles. Right now, I’m growing my circles at a much faster rate than any other social media. The fascinating thing though, is that the crowd on Google+ is very different from the crowd on Twitter.

    I’m also on Pinterest, but I don’t pin the traditional craft, recipe, DIY pins that most people are pinning. That really limits me in terms of growth because most of the women on Pinterest are there for just that.

    • I try to pin sometimes, but rarely get any referrals from Pinterest. I understand my blog isn’t the type of thing people are usually on Pinterest looking for though.

      Since your circles are growing quickly on G+ are you getting a lot more referrals for your posts coming from there? Or, is it just really good interaction on that platform?
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Are People Responsible For Their Thoughts, Actions, or Neither?My Profile

      • The interaction is good, and Circle Shares are what drove my followers up. I somehow found myself in two Circle Shares and since then, I’ve been getting 8-10 new “followers” a day.

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