How People Got Here

Don’t let that title fool you, I’m not talking about the big “Here” like on earth. I’m talking about the specific here. Whether they made me laugh or shake my head, these are actual words that people typed into a search engine that landed them either at Wine-y-Wife or here at Bitch & Whine. Usually I can figure out which page people would have ended up on, but some just left me confused.

What marmalade can I put on my toast that tastes like jello?
Dude, if you want jello on your toast, buy jello. If my marmalade tastes like jello, that is a complete Fail for me. Here is the only marmalade recipe I’ve posted, but I can assure you, it doesn’t taste like Jello.

If you met mary poppins what would you ask her?
I hope you enjoyed this post, but I would ask her what drugs she took to keep her so happy and if she could maybe share?

I am homemade spaghetti sauce
My friend, I believe you truly subscribe to the theory that you are what you eat.

Wife surprised me with bra
What the hell? A bra for you or her? I have no idea where on my site you landed with this one.

the truth about peeling eggs
Wow, this sounds like a breaking news story. Or a 48 hours mystery headline. “stay tuned to find out the truth about peeling eggs. You won’t want to miss it.” Hope this helped you out. :)

“Being Silly” Bedtime
Uh, I’m sure this is the post you found. Not sure what you were looking for. Being silly?

dimercurio rhonda
You search for me and I appear. Who’s googling me anyway? Maybe I should google myself more often.

Yogurt making disaster
Oh, I remember that disaster of mine so well. It still makes me cringe. I hope you didn’t have a disaster as bad as mine.

Silly boys underwear
I will assume (and hope) you were shopping. No pics here, no store, only the mention of the word underwear. As in “no penises on the couch! You need to at least be wearing underwear.” Shopping trip interrupted.

love trying new food
Yea! I’m happy I came up in that search! I hope everyone loves trying new food.

rhonda reinke blog
I have no idea how many pages in you had to go until I came up for that one.

How do we say beer is fresh
uh, I believe the correct way to say that is “the beer is fresh.”

how many days until we break up with school
Love the phrasing on that. That’s exactly how I look at it too. How many days until summer break? I’m always counting down too!

Cheese is my life
I believe we are kindred spirits. The best things in life are cheese.

birthday cake for someone who doesn’t like sweets but loves wine
Just get them a bottle of wine. Best. Birthday. Ever.

How people got here


24 Thoughts on “How People Got Here

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  2. I am going to go google you now. And how did the husband talk you into the new rings?

  3. these are funny! Some of the search hits that land folks on my site actually scare me. ha! Thank goodness some of them bounce right on out when they are disappointed they won’t find the goofy thing they are looking for. :)

  4. Wife surprised me with bra! What kind of freaky shit are you two into? And Rhonda Reinke? Well it’s more than 6 because that’s when I got bored and stopped looking not to mention that a ton of obituaries popped up. So.weird.

  5. What a great idea for post! Love it! What in the hell are people searching for? Not sure if the internet can help some of these people.

  6. Hahahaha “Wife surprised me with bra” is hilarious! I check my search terms from time to time and people looking for “naked people in Bali” usually lang on my blog Pffft.

  7. Omg! I am falling over laughing! These are awesome and so random.

    The only funny one that found mine is “Fabio’s Penis size”. Hahahaha. I posted about how my mom loved books with Fabio on the cover. I’m pretty sure her peers were the guilty googlers.

  8. We are kindred spirits, indeed!! I just put something on my FB page about this and jotted a note in my What to Blog list that I should do a whole list of the funny ones!!

    Your responses were perfect!! “I am homemade spaghetti sauce” … yes, aren’t we all when we get down to it?!

  9. Looks like some good search terms are leading folks here… some of them, kind of creepy folks. I Googled “Funny lady who writes well, likes wine, and is good at identifying douchebags.” Next thing I know, here I am! (That’s not really how I got here, but it could have been.)

    The best [most disturbing] phrase leading people to my blog is “sister-in-law booty call.” Seriously, if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’! Sometimes I wonder if the key to search engine optimization is to write about lots of bizarre, troubling topics–especially those of questionable legality and unquestionably weak morality.

  10. Cheese and wine. Two of my favorite things. Even better when paired together and perhaps some chocolate thrown in for good measure.

    By the way, Googling yourself is highly overrated. I look sometimes (my own name that is) and find I’m actually kind of boring. I might need to step up my game. Haha.

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