I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.

When I look around, I see a world full of adults with toddler mentalities. Both believe their needs and wants are top priority, they feel they’re always right and their opinions are all that matter. These people go around acting like close minded, entitled, self-absorbed, arrogant brats.

It’s getting worse, and honestly, I’m realizing liberals are every bit as guilty as conservatives. There’s a lack of respect for other beliefs, opinions and feelings. It’s gotten so bad, if ideas offend, people aren’t content to bitch about the incident and let it go. Instead, they have to push for something unreasonable.

Remember when I ripped into One Million Moms for this? Changing the channel or boycotting a show isn’t enough for them. Instead, they demand the “offensive shows” be removed from the air so no one can watch them.

For many, sharing on social media, by word of mouth, even a blog post telling as many people as possible about the situation, doesn’t satisfy. Writing a letter to the offending company to express displeasure, or even boycotting the company or show, isn’t enough. No, the people I’m talking about are petitioning for the offenders to actually get fired from their jobs.

You should be fired

Too many people think this way.

Earlier this week I wrote about George Will showing his douchebag side by saying “sexual assault is a coveted status.” Many people who found his statements offensive shared the article with others and used their voice to speak out. Some people have vowed to never read his articles again, while others are boycotting The Washington Post for publishing the article in the first place. That’s where things used to stop. Say your peace, make others aware, and boycott if necessary.

Two groups, NOW and Ultraviolet, along with many individuals, are demanding George Will be fired. Ultraviolet says they’ve received 87,000 signatures on their petition. George Will is an opinion writer. His opinion may be twisted or offensive, but he’s both entitled to his opinion and entitle to share it.

I’m (obviously) not a fan of his opinion either, but who the hell are we to demand he be fired? We all have freedom of speech, so why are we trying to silence opposing views? If you don’t respect him or his ideologies, don’t read them. If his readership were to substantially drop, The Washington Post may decide to fire him – but that would be a numbers decision, not because a bunch of prima donnas threw a temper tantrum and signed a petition.

George Will isn’t an isolated incident. There was a petition to the White House to cancel Jimmy Kimmel Live over an offensive bit he did about killing everyone in China. That petition received over 105,000 signatures. Even after both he and ABC apologized, people were still picketing, still demanding he be fired. He’s a comedian. Often times comedians go to extremes for a laugh. Should he lose his job for a segment that many felt was in poor taste?

Believe me, I’m all for calling people out on bullshit. If a company offends me or I don’t agree with their practices, I’ll boycott them in a flat second. I’m quick to write a letter to let them know, too. I don’t expect someone to get fired. My hope in doing that is that my voice, along with many others, will be heard and changes will be made. Idealistic, right?

Over 17,000 people found Pat Sajak’s tweet so horrible they petitioned for him to be fired. The tweet was “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.”

He’s a game show host who doesn’t express his beliefs on Wheel of Fortune. Whether we agree or disagree with him is a non-issue. He’s still entitled to express his views. If fans of the show are upset, they don’t have to watch his show. Demanding he be fired is an extreme overreaction.

That takes me back to the toddler mentality. Petitioning for someone to be fired because some people take offense is arrogant. When did people start feeling so entitled that they could demand a business fire one of their employees? When did they decide that their own opinions were the only ones that should be heard? Those adults need to grow up and let everyone express their views, without fear that a bunch of pretentious crybabies will be calling for them to lose their livelihood because some were offended.


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  1. You are exhibiting too much common sense.

    Your blog should be deleted! <—sarc

  2. I’d love it if these people would put the proverbial shoe on their OWN foot. How would they feel if someone was offended by what they said and demanded they’d be fired? How would they feel if someone wanted to be part of taking away their livelihood? Many, no doubt, would likely shut up right away.

    We have become a nation of entitled, selfish and too-easily-offended-for-our-own-good nitwits. It’s pathetic.

    Don’t take away someone else’s livelihood because you (speaking generally of course) are offended. Instead, grow a set of balls and get the fuck over it. Period.
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  3. I couldn’t agree more! What I find even more sickening is when I see people do this to teenagers. They somehow find out what colleges these students have applied for and they call (and tell others to do the same) to convince said school not to admit them because they tweeted something racist. It’s become a very popular trend on Tumblr, unfortunately. I agree what these people are saying is ignorant and wrong, but they do not deserve to have their lives ruined. Especially 18-year-olds who are only repeating what they were raised to believe because they haven’t grown enough to learn how to think for themselves. But these entitled lunatics take it upon themselves to wreck their futures. It’s ludicrous. Of course, all hell breaks loose if someone tries to call them on it.

    • I haven’t heard of people calling colleges before. Those people have serious problems. I try to call out as much nonsense as possible, just to bring more awareness. If all hell breaks loose because of it, I don’t have a problem dealing with the backlash as well. People need to stop behaving like fools if they don’t want people to take note and tell as many people as they can about it.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.My Profile

      • The calling colleges thing is something I’ve only managed to find on Tumblr…probably because I spend waaaay too much time there. 😛 I love Tumblr, but it’s also a prime example of closed-minded, entitled liberals–and I’m pretty damn liberal).

        Bringing awareness is a great thing! Most of us could stand to be more aware. Some people just take “justice” way too far.

        • I’ve never been on Tumblr. Is it worth it (and easy) for a newbie to check it out?
          Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.My Profile

          • It’s definitely easy. As for “worth it” I often have mixed feelings. Short answer: it really depends on your interests and the people you follow. It can be a frustrating site (like Reddit, if you’ve used that), but a lot of fun if you can stay away from self-righteous groups (which is much harder than you’d think it would be).

  4. Did you read about the petition that some woman started in order to get Beyonce and Jay Z to — I’m not joking here — do their kid’s hair better? Yes. Because that is exactly what the people who started Change.org had in mind for their platform.

    It’s not so much an “I’m offended so you should be fired” situation but it does fall in the category of people thinking they’re entitled to force their opinions on the rest of world, and using dumb ass petitions and media blitzes to try and do it.

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  5. I wrote a post similar to this after Pat Robertson was suspended after his idiotic comments were made public. There were a few dissenters.

    Frankly, I’m still of the opinion that your professional life (no matter what it is) and your personal life are two separate things and should have nothing to do with the other. What you do on your own time should not be able to be used against you at work.

    I’m also sick of the toddler mentality of many Americans, and sick of the intolerance for those with differing opinions.
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    • Phil Robertson, not Pat. Oy vey…
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      • Personally, I’m not a fan of Phil Robertson’s, so I don’t watch his show. I couldn’t care less if it is on tv and others are watching it though. I know how to work my remote control 😉

        I have mixed opinions on the personal life/professional life separation. For example, if your employer found out about your blog and didn’t like it, I don’t think you should suffer professional consequences for it. If you were to name your employer and bash the company by name, that would be different. However, if your employer has clients who are offended by your posts and are taking their business elsewhere because of them, well, I can see where you would be costing your employer money and they have to protect their interests. It’s a slippery slope though.
        Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.My Profile

  6. Oh my goodness. And what about the piece that was on FB about the guy who thinks gays ought to be executed? And we wonder why our world is so full of hatred/ignorance/ self importance, etc.
    So similar to the whole Paula Deen downfall caused by her racial slur. Something she did, admitted to, apologized for (more that once) and caused her to lose her job, her following and her reputation. I do not condone what she did… never will. But realize where she was brought up and how those slurs are part of everyday conversations in that part of our USA. should she have been “burned at the stake” so to speak?
    We want our freedoms to speak, to act, to be religious, to carry a gun…..but God forbid those that disagree. Those people think only their rights are being hindered. I think our rights end when what we say or do ends with another human being losing his life.

  7. I think it harkens back to the preschool era where it was decided that there are no losers and no winners and that all shall be the same. Eliminate competition, eliminate uniqueness, eliminate me being wrong and you being right. What the higher powers thought would create a level playing field has backfired and made adults turn into your correctly named whiny little shit stains that throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their own way.

    And I thank Kim for pointing me to your blog.
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    • People just need to realize that sometimes their opinion is wrong, or at the very least, irrelevant. Especially when the supporting ideas the opinion is based on is “I don’t like what someone said” with no facts.

      I thank Kim, too! I have a feeling that even if we disagree on something, we’ll at least be able to have an intelligent discussion about it!

      By the way, do you have a FB fan page?
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.My Profile

  8. Doug in Oakland on June 13, 2014 at 10:32 pm said:

    Like the song says: everyone wants to see justice done… to someone else. I don’t think George Will should be fired for this, the latest thing he’s wrong about. Or even for all of the hundreds of other things he’s been wrong about. Why? Because him being fired would not un-say even one of those wrong things to even one of those thousands of people who read them. Perhaps, and I’m not optimistic about this, if he’s allowed to make a big enough fool of himself, some of those people may reconsider some of what he’s been saying for all of these years. And don’t even get me started on David Brooks…

  9. My husband disagrees with my opinion a lot. He should be fired.
    Gawd, people are such sissies. I think the world can handle more than one opinion if we can all be just grown up about them. Yes, we can disagree, but petition for someone to get fired? Even if the person on question has already admitted his/her shortcomings and apologized? What are we? gods?
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    • It seems many people feel their opinions are that important. It’s crazy. The biggest problems is that so many people don’t even want to hear opposing opinions. Their minds are made up before the other person even has a chance to state their case.

      Your husband should be fired – ha ha.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.My Profile

  10. During election times, I drop off of FB because of the incessant posting of views on every issue imaginable. I have friends on all sides of every issue and get bombarded. Two of my brothers disowned each other during the last election because of differing political views. I just don’t understand the polarization of our society, the lack of allowance for any difference in view point. That’s why I register independent, I do NOT want a label for someone to try and attack. And I can tell the same to my son. Great post!

    • Oh, Steph, election time on facebook is my favorite time of the year! Like Christmas! I love it when you have people who will listen to each other and are respectful of where the other people are coming from. Many people don’t listen and aren’t respectful though, and that raises my blood pressure. When it gets to name calling and shutting the other person down, nothing good will come of that. You’re right that society is extremely polarized. I was just talking to someone the other day about that. No one wants to compromise and they all want to be extremists. It certainly seems to be dividing our country and no good will come of that.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…I’m Offended. You Should Be Fired.My Profile

      • I wouldn’t mind it if everyone didn’t get into arguments. Too often political discourse devolves into an internet fight, where it’s all too easy to say things you would never say in person. Like I said, my brothers haven’t spoken since last election. Sigh. So I just turn it all off. You’re right, no one wants to compromise. That is the problem. There are certainly times to stick to your guns and not give, but that isn’t most of the time. Most of the time we as humans need to find common ground and a solution that will work, but sadly it doesn’t seem like we can do that lately. My boy has people on both sides of the political fence in his life and trying to make him understand that one view is necessarily *right* over another is very hard.

    • I feel the same. I’m _completely_ fine with everyone having polarizing political views and discussing them rationally, but it seems to always turn into this horrible name calling, mudslinging, completely out of hand shitshow, made even worse because some douchebag spouts their fuckery with such hate and venom, and literally becomes physically enraged at anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints. It’s crazy. People calling people Nazi’s (and meaning it), people just being nothing more than HATEFUL. It’s crazy. Last election I didn’t drop off FB, but I did learn how to ‘mute’ and turn off the feeds for the crazies I decided to keep on my friends list. Though I must admit I just unfriended the worst of them. I get great pleasure in the groups and friendships I’ve formed on FB, and just because I’m related to you by blood doesn’t give you the right to shit in my fucking fridge. That’s all I’m saying. Also, I have no idea what the fridge has to do with pleasure, but it’s probably a subconscious big girl jab at my ownself. /snicker.
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  11. Far too much common sense.
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  12. I’m just trying to figure out how global warming = racism …
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  13. I hate this attitude of “I know better than you”. As if we are all children and need someone to look after us. Certainly I can’t decide what may or not offend myself so I need someone to decide for me.

    Sheep are pretty animals but they shouldn’t be anyone’s spirit animal.
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