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Moms need a reality check. Being a mom isn’t the toughest job in the world, like a certain viral video has recently said. I swear that stupid video showed up in my Facebook news feed about 20 times. People ate it up and kept passing it around.

That video did a good job at pulling at heartstrings, but it did a pretty crappy job of accurately telling what being a mom is all about. Being a mom is not standing all day, never being able to sleep, and giving up everything you enjoy. The video says we are “Looking for someone who may have a degree in medicine, finance, and the culinary arts.” Give me a break! How many moms have that?

You can call yourself the “Director of Operations,” but if you do, many people I know will think you’re an idiot. Sure, there are some in the “mom circles” who will applaud you, but really, being a mom isn’t what many want to pretend it is as we pass along that video or similar memes like this one:

Just a Mom

No. Just no. Why do these annoying things get passed around? It actually makes me cringe. It’s like the “Mother of the Year Participation Award” that moms love to share.

Are moms really so insecure that we need to pass this around to justify or glorify what we do? Similar items don’t tend to make their rounds about dads. Are they not just as important to our kids?

Honestly, I feel like most of the items listed here are insulting to me. But it’s fine if a mom rattles off a laundry list of inaccurate titles that define her role as a mother, but let a man mention this of the mother of his children, and women would be outraged. Imagine if a man said a mom was really a maid. We’d be passing that shit around the internet as fast as our computers would let us, and screaming that the man was a sexist pig.

Why do moms want to say, “I do ALL these things! Look how amazing I am.” Are they actually just feeling under-appreciated? Are they looking for some type of pat on the back? Are they trying to make others feel inferior to themselves?

Really, you may be a few of those things listed, but no mom is all of them. I’m really not throwing moms under the bus, but I think we need to step back and take a realistic view on this.

Cook – Throwing a frozen pizza or lasagna in the oven doesn’t qualify as being a cook. Oh, I occasionally do it, too. To say you’re a cook implies that you actually, uh, cook…a lot. Saying a mom is a cook because we make meals for our families is stretching it, isn’t it? Wouldn’t nearly everyone who eats be a cook? (Apparently restaurant experience is overrated.)

Maid – What? And more importantly, why? Even little kids are able to learn the responsibility of helping out. Our family is a team. Kids need to learn responsibilities. If we aren’t teaching our kids to help around the house, we aren’t doing them any favors. A maid is a “female domestic servant.” I am not my kid’s servant, and I’d be pissed if that was how my kids or anyone else looked at me just because I’m a mom.

Waitress – This ties in with being a maid. If I am a waitress, I am failing as a parent. I don’t take orders from my kids. I rarely clear their plates from the table. My boys need to have more respect for our family than this. The world doesn’t revolve around them, and that is something they need to realize – sooner rather than later. (Have you ever actually worked in a restaurant?)

Teacher – Sometimes the teachers jobs and mine overlap, sometimes they don’t. I do teach my boys many things, most importantly are how to be a good person, how to be kind, how to be accepting. Teachers don’t teach that. Parents do. (Teachers go to school for 4+ years to teach and learn how kids learn – that’s probably unnecessary though.)

Nurse – I put band-aids on knees – but usually, I tell the kids they really don’t need a band-aid. I worry about them when they are sick – a nurse doesn’t do that. I’m not a nurse. I’m the one who decides when we need to go see a nurse. (Nurses actually have a nursing degree – you know, education training them on how the human body works…)

Photographer – Taking pictures with our phones or even a camera hardly qualifies us as photographers. This is an insult to actual professional photographers.

Counselor – As a mom, I don’t charge big bucks for a one-hour session, then tell them I’ll see them next week. Nope. It’s all incorporated in our daily lives. There haven’t been too many things that a good talk and a hug aren’t able to help with. If my son tells me about the problems he has at school, I offer up some suggestions. That’s what parenting is about.

Handyman – Not even close. Changing batteries on a toy does not qualify as being a handyman.

Event Planner – Planning what? A play date? A birthday party? What the hell are you planning where you’d be able to say you’re an event planner?

Hairdresser – I have two boys. The most I ever do is comb their hair. That hardly qualifies me as a hairdresser. (Cosmetology certificates aren’t needed here – just hand me some scissors!)

ATM? Nu uh.

Security Officer – Because I lock the doors of MY house at night? Come the hell on.

Who comes up with these things? Am I an electrician because I change the occasional light bulb? Am I a surgeon because I remove a sliver? Am I a pharmacist because I dispense some Tylenol when my kids are sick? That’s as ridiculous as the rest that are on this list.

Laundress didn’t make this list? Come on. Laundry is something I do. I wash it and fold it. They put that shit away themselves.

Ass wiper. I used to do that. Exactly which category does that fall into again? That’s a parenting reality. I may even be an expert ass wiper. Wonder why that one didn’t make the list.

I'm Just a Mom

Now, the next part is what always gets thrown out there. “I don’t get paid holidays, sick pay or days off. I work DAY & NIGHT. I am on call 24/7 for the rest of my life.”

What do you want from people when you say stupid shit like this? You don’t get a salary for being a mom, so of course you don’t get paid days off. But, you also don’t work Day and Night. Occasionally you will have to get up in the night with your kid, but it’s not like you are constantly on watch, never sleeping.

It seems like people are saying, “Look at how much I do without getting paid. Look at how hard it is. Poor me.”

No. Not poor you. You chose to have a kid, and it isn’t something you walk away from. It isn’t something you get a freaking medal for either!

Dress code is easily pajamas many days. We don’t have to do our hair or makeup. Many things get done on our own timeline – not someone elses. Sometimes we check out on Facebook for a while or playing Candy Crush or other such time-wasting nonsense. We sometimes talk on the phone to catch up with family or friends. I’m not saying being a mom is always easy, but it sure as hell beats many other things I could be doing.

Here’s my point: Yes, to our kids, we are special, and we do a lot. We don’t need to pretend to be more than we are. I don’t mind being called “just a mom” because that is what I am. I don’t interpret that as a sign of weakness or a slam on my self-worth. I have never been embarrassed to say I’m a mom, but I don’t need to glorify it either.

Actually, I’m quite grateful for being “just a mom.” I get to spend time with my kids. I’m fortunate to go on field trips with them and volunteer in their classrooms. Many days I do have some “me time” to write or take a bath or totally veg out while watching a TV show while they are at school. I am able to enjoy the sounds of them giggling while playing together before school, and the sound of silence while they are at school. Instead of passing around things telling everyone how hard it is to be a mom, we should appreciate that we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.


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  1. Jenny on April 21, 2014 at 8:32 pm said:

    Yes, I agree with you on most. But I have event planned. More then the birthday party. Baptism parties, confirmation parties, events (BIG ONES) for American Heritage Girls. Yes, I am a handyman. If Carl is not home, or sometimes when he is, who
    Fixes my 60 year old house? I’m not calling the plumber or contractor. Have no money for that. So YouTube is my friend. And yes, with a teenager, I am a therapist. lol. Wait till those boys go into puberty. :). I am his actual therapist, at 11 pm, and I don’t feel the need to contact his actual therapist. (But I do have a psychology education).
    And yes, I am their photographer. Don’t feel the need to pay for that. And with homeschooling, we do not get school pics.

  2. Yes, yes, HOLY SHIT YES!!

    I cannot tell you how many times I have rolled my eyes at moms who seem to play this “I’m such a martyr, please pity me” card. Um, BITE ME. You chose to have kids and were fortunate enough to be blessed with them. That does not make you special or more important than the woman who is struggling with infertility or the woman who has decided she does not want kids and will never have them.

    Life is hard for all of us at times, kids or no kids. Step off the pedestal and stop acting like you’re performing miracles all day, every day and on zero sleep to boot. Not. Impressed.

    And although I am not a professional photographer, I agree 200% that it’s insulting when moms call themselves photographers and wouldn’t know an f stop from a bus stop. I’ve been shooting for 5 years (and I’m damn good at it thank ya much) and know how to use a DSLR on manual. Picking up a point and shoot or DSLR and putting it on AUTO does not make someone a photographer.
    Kim recently posted…Is There Too Much Emphasis on Social Media?My Profile

    • I agree that life is hard for all of us sometimes, with or without kids. You are so funny…performing miracles all day – ha! Seems like many of us can get up on our high horse sometimes, and we just need to step off and join the rest of the world.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

    • YESSSSSSSSS, we own our own photography studio, drives me insane when I hear this!!!!! It takes talent, an eye, and years of training, oh and equipment, and a personality that can make a client come to life in a single image. We capture the moment, the memory!!!! Urgh…. Thanks….
      Ray recently posted…Why Do I Write My Blog?My Profile

  3. I will have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. That video came by on a day I needed it to. It was a harder day than most and I needed to hear that someone “gets it” yes a dumb video but someone gave the role of a mother some thought. I don’t believe we think we are actually a nurse or doctor but it gave a hint of what moms (and some dads) do. Not everyone had an example for what a mother was or is…some moms quit early on, are incapable of “the job”. So I loved the video, I shared it and I thought to myself, this was not my mom, but it is me.
    Melissa recently posted…Spring Break At Home WorkoutMy Profile

    • The video just seemed very overreaching to me. It was touching, for sure. There are some days when parenting is tough – some weeks even. Parents sacrifice for their kids, for sure. I just have a hard time when it’s put on display and exaggerated. However, you have a great point that not all mothers had an example of what a mother should be. I was fortunate to have a mom and dad who were both together and who set some pretty good examples. I think I forget that everyone didn’t have that. I’m far from a perfect mother, but I do believe that most moms do the best we can do.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  4. Doug in Oakland on April 21, 2014 at 10:43 pm said:

    I’ve known a lot of mothers who were chronically under-appreciated, and lately I’ve seen some reporting about how, financially at least, our culture holds women’s decisions to have and raise children against them, but I think I get what you are saying.
    All of the job titles mentioned are things human beings in our culture do for themselves all of the time, so I guess their point is that mothers do them for their children also?
    The applicants’ stunned reaction to the pile of formal responsibilities presented says more to me about the absurdity of outsourcing one’s humanity than it does about the considerable responsibilities of motherhood. And to be honest, not being a parent, those are things I can only know about second hand. But in my experience, it isn’t that much harder to do for an extra person, or even two, than it is to do for one’s self.
    Given cooperation, some things can actually be easier. That said, the complete responsibility for another human being’s life and well being is a big deal, and one I’ve never personally felt up to. So I have a lot of respect for good parents of any gender or situation; if what they’re doing is working, it’s OK with me if they feel good about it.
    I have a sneaking suspicion though, that if I were a parent, that video would piss me off a little.

    • The video is so blown out of proportion. As a mom, I don’t have to stand up all day, don’t have to stay awake all night, eat lunch with my kid (not “after the associate has already eaten”). And, it’s not just being a mom. For the families who are fortunate enough to have both a mother and father in the home, it’s a tag team effort. I know when my husband travels for work I have a whole new appreciation for single parents. It’s great to have the “back up” of another parent. I guess it bothers me the most that it just makes parenting sound so much harder than what it is, and the really great parts of parenting aren’t even mentioned.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

      • Doug in Oakland on April 22, 2014 at 4:37 pm said:

        That’s a good point: if parenting was all awful and no upside there probably wouldn’t be seven billion of us, would there?

  5. Nice job Rhonda! I agree, I can’t stand those videos and posts and I mostly see them being hurled at me because I work outside the home (and am still a mom doing all those things). I feel like moms who stay home or how I like to say work at home, feel under appreciated and then see things like this a rally behind them. I think staying home is an admirable choice that they should be proud of, not insecure about. But then again, I don’t stay home so I don’t know what it would be like. I think it damages the credibility of all moms when we let media like this keep making it’s rounds.
    Tara Newman recently posted…Behind the Blog: Our Purpose, Content, What’s New, and Social MediaMy Profile

    • Thank you Tara, and exactly! We all look like a bunch of whiners. Now, I do my fair share of whining, but this just seems extreme. Whether a mom stays home or works outside of the home, we are all in the same boat. Instead of saying “look what I can do” we could all just appreciate the good parts and work through the challenging parts.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  6. I’m with you on this. I saw the video and marveled at how a huge marketing campaign went “viral” and stunned the entirety of Facebook and ABC News. Seriously? What was the budget on that? What is special about an ad campaign? Additionally, when we look at the underlying attitude of martyrdom implied, it is repulsive to me. I don’t serve my family as a servant. I am kind and thoughtful and I create a home where every person pitches in because they are part of this family too. Many days, they don’t pitch in. Some days suck. Life is hard. It feels good to have people who know me appreciate me, but I don’t need an ad. Thanks to my mom, I know the difference between good parenting and poor; I know I rock this shit most days.
    Samantha recently posted…Lost DollMy Profile

    • Samantha, I love that you rock this shit most days! That is perfect! Some days do suck. That’s when we can vent to a partner or another mom who totally understands. Most of us don’t go out and create a commercial to say “Hey, look how great we all are! Look at All we do!” Martyrdom is spot on! But they always omit the great things, and make it seem so much harder than it really is.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  7. I don’t get the point of this memes either. I am certainly not qualified to make broad generalizations about either mom’s or dad’s, but I can say that I do all those things for my children. I’ve done them for my step-children, too, when I had them. I certainly didn’t feel any need to flaunt it or brag about it. They are the responsibilities that came along with the decisions I made to have children, or to marry a woman who had children already.

    Being a parent is a thankless job until the child is a parent him or herself, and realizes just how tough raising a child is. These memes just look like cries for attention. LOOK AT ME! LOOK WHAT I DO! Get over it. That’s what you signed up for when you decided to procreate.
    Twindaddy recently posted…Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: A Bloggy DuelMy Profile

  8. I love this! I’m not a mom (yet), so maybe my opinion doesn’t count…but every time I see things like this, it just makes me feel like the people posting them are just insecure. I once saw a forum where a bunch of SAHMs were berating people who had advanced degrees because “getting a Ph.D. isn’t hard! Being a mom is REAL work!” Then I would love to know why they had three kids and no Ph.Ds….

    And, to be honest, the women who do these sorts of things (brag about how they gave up everything and no longer have lives because of their kids) only make me wonder why anyone would ever want children. Your post is making me feel a whole lot better about it, though.
    Chelsey recently posted…What I’m Learning about Long-Distance MovingMy Profile

    • Of course your opinion counts, Chelsey! Especially since you are agreeing with me 😉 That forum you were in would have driven me crazy! I despise it when people (usually it is moms, not dads) act like that! I’m getting upset just thinking of it!

      Perhaps Trojan was a partner in making that American Greetings commercial/video? If I didn’t have kids, crap like that would have been a great inspiration for birth control.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  9. Holy Smokes,
    I didn’t see this one, Rhonda. It saddens me that mom & dads somehow feel like their whole life as they know it is gone after they have children. As you grow older, you change expectations of what your life should be. Hopefully those changes are for the better, but they’re different. When you have kids, things that were important to you before, no longer are such a big deal.
    If you wanted to be able to own an expensive sports car and now drive a van to accommodate the family….so be it. Is that such a big deal any more? You probably don’t even think about it. Did you want to go to elegant restaurants and dine on champagne and lobster? And now it’s, “Ugh, I don’t even want to get dressed to grab take out.” Is this a game changer?
    You have children because if makes your life fuller and filled with love. Yes, lots of sleepless nights at first, lots of budget cuts for nights out, you learn how to fix stuff yourself. But, geez, you are a grown adult now, shouldn’t you know how to tackle that stuff anyway? Don’t blame it on being a parent!
    Sounds to me that the author was in a “Poor me” state of mind and acted out on those feelings. Lord, we all feel under appreciated at times, no matter what job we work at. It feel great getting a pat on the back, a thank you note, a bouquet of flowers. Kids are notoriously selfish individuals though. We were all like that, until our parents taught us how to share, clean our own messes, and teach others how to care for each other.

    • Perhaps the author was in a “poor me” state of mind, but geez, call a friend and vent! Or, we can give a pass to the author, but all the people who are reposting it too? And the commercial? That doesn’t make ya wanna run right out and have kids. Of course, it’s all focused on the negative (and grossly exaggerated) with no mention of the positive.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  10. I will admit to making an obscene hand gesture when I saw that post you are talking about.

    I am not minimizing my role as a mother…but damn..I really don’t need to be congratulated for it, either.
    Michelle recently posted…Narcissism And The 30 Foot JesusMy Profile

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one, Michelle! I’ve been thinking of doing this post for a while, but that video spurred me into action. So many people sharing it – and way too many inaccuracies!
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  11. I’m a single mother. I work full time, homeschool, have about 100 animals to care for, two blogs to keep up with, a social life, hobbies, AND I STILL never think I’m the kind of deprived slave that was depicted in that video.

    The photography thing – like Kim, that one gets to me. My work – yes it’s work when I’ve devoted my time and funds to it – is getting bought & published. That makes me a photographer. Taking photos with your fancy point and shoot at the soccer game does NOT make you a “photographer.”

    I’m not a nurse. Were I a nurse, I could have treated my hand when I cut it bad this weekend. But no, I went to a REAL nurse to patch me up.

    I can do a lot of things. These are independent of being a parent. It’s a ridiculous notion that childless people have it that much easier.

    Really I think only parents of special needs kids can say they have it harder. Parents who are still lifting teenage children into wheelchairs and still feeding and bathing them while the rest of us left that behind as our kids grew up and became self sufficient.
    Stephanie recently posted…Five on Friday – Photography EditionMy Profile

    • I completely agree! Some people have it harder than others for sure. And we all go through tough patches as well. But the video that everyone was sharing – give me a break. That isn’t the life of anyone I know.

      We all wear a lot of hats. I’d love to have my living room painted. I’m a cheap ass and will paint it myself rather than hiring a professional to paint it. I don’t think that would make me a painter though. Those are the types of things people are grabbing up and running with.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  12. I love how you said these memes are like participation awards. It’s so true. I feel like they almost degrade all of the important things we do.
    Very thought provoking post!

  13. Hey Rhonda,

    I am ME!!!!!! I am also a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend. In that order. I love being a mum, otherwise after our first I would not have had our second, I would have run screaming with legs closed shut from the hubby. I am been a working crazy spitfire mum, and am now an at home, part time working mum. It is fun, and at times hard flipping work, but that is life isn’t it? Not being a mum. It is life. I have good days, bad days, ok days and a whole lot in between. My hat is off to what ever profession you are in, from ditch digger to brain surgeon. No one is above anyone, without the ditch, no road, without the road no way to the hospital. We are all on the same journey and we need to appreciate all along the way for their effort, as long as they are putting forth effort. We don’t have to martyr any one particular part of society.
    So i agree with you, that said it is nice when I get a thanks mum or honey for going the extra mile for one of them….. 😉 Just saying….
    Ray recently posted…Why Do I Write My Blog?My Profile

    • Yes! Everything you just said. Yes.

      The ditch, road, and hospital. Love it!

      I totally agree it’s nice to get a thanks sometimes for what we do! My family is pretty good at remembering to hand out the thank yous or hugs, although, sometimes we have to remind the boys.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  14. I am glad I did not see the video! I think the moment you decide on purpose or accident you are going to be in the Mom Arena – You have made a choice to alter life as you once knew it along with ALL the other moms on this planet. I am a working mom and when I am at work I never expect someone to praise me for the job that I signed up to do. I never would expect someone to pay me to be a mother….. the country is already broke enough. Loved your post…. I do take my mothering as a serious part of my life (although most of the time I parent with humor so I am not sure how my kids will turn out). But I don’t expect a prize for the choice I made along with all the other mothers on the planet.
    Jennifer recently posted…What is Your Parenting Style?My Profile

    • Exactly! No one expects to be cheered on at work, so why do so many moms expect to be cheered on (apparently by everyone they know) for taking care of their own kids? No prizes for showing up for motherhood. Rare and occasional thank yous and hugs are appreciated!

      Quick wit and sarcasm rule around here often, so humor is a must – otherwise I’d be completely nuts!
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  15. As a mom who has a full time job and a privately owned business I COMPLETELY agree with you.

    Jawa recently posted…That Weird Chick at Work…My Profile

  16. I’m a mom and I totally agree. A “Mom” is just doing what is expected as a parent. P.S. luv the comment in the article about being a Cook.

  17. I don’t really mind videos like the one you mentioned. I agree, being a mom is not the toughest job in the world, but I don’t know if that was totally the point of the video. And I don’t think any moms I know who “liked” it on Facebook took the point that literally. It was a viral ad campaign from American Greetings for Mother’s Day, so it’s of course going to sensationalize things – it’s meant to entertain. Nothing wrong with acknowledging all the work and passion many moms put into raising our kids – those efforts are true of many husbands out there, too. Sometimes it’s just uplifting to hear the message, “well done”. As a mom, I still have a professional career, and I can say office workers need occasional pats on the back from their employers. Office workers sometimes commiserate on everyday challenges as if they have it harder than any other job or fellow coworker, or other interdepartmental teams. Raises and positive performance reviews offer validation for a job well done. Little things like this campaign or memes on motherhood serve a similar purpose.

    • I see where you are coming from, and I agree it’s nice to hear “well done” on occasion. I’d just rather it be internal – from my husband or kids, or especially from a fellow mom friend who knows about a particular struggle I might be having – instead of a blanket “moms are the greatest things ever.” To me, the blanket statement or viral video is hallow.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  18. We fulfill a lot of roles in our kids’ lives and they touch on a lot of those things that you listed but, unless you have formal training in them, you are an amateur – i.e. amateur photographer, etc.

    I am not on the job 24/7. My kids have known for a long time now that, unless they are bleeding or puking, it’s best to leave mom alone at 3:00 am. We’re all happier that way.

    I have always made it known that I am their mother, not their servant. I started them out with basic chores when they were small and have increased them over the years. Now that they are teens, they wash dishes, do laundry, clean the bathroom, know how to cook basic meals. We are a family and every member of the family does their share to make our household hum along. If I do everything for them now, how will they survive when they strike out on their own?

    Any mother who is literally giving up everything she enjoys and feels that she is living in servitude, should really re-examine how she is doing things.
    Kat recently posted…Finish the Sentence Friday – #6My Profile

  19. A few years ago I used to work full time with two small children and a husband who was gone half the year. IT WAS HARD. But even then it still wasn’t as hard as these ridiculous posts make it out to be. Now, as a stay at home mom I find the women who act like they are superheros for staying home with their kids more than I can take. CALM DOWN. Sure it’s hard but so is being a nurse on the cancer ward. So is serving in the Army half way around the world.
    Ronnie recently posted…Ninja ResumeMy Profile

    • Exactly! When my husband travels for work, it does make things harder around here…but that’s part of what we have to do. And you are right on – there are other jobs that are much harder than the job of a mom. I couldn’t imagine doing those jobs and in comparison, my job is fairly easy. Especially considering the nurse in the cancer ward or the person in the Army may be moms as well.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Just a MomMy Profile

  20. Shared the shit out of this post because this needs to be passed around and read for sure!!
    Roshni recently posted…Blog posts I would like to promoteMy Profile

  21. You should have a like button here. Oh boy! This is so true.
    Ritu Lalit recently posted…Wisdom gained on my son’s birthdayMy Profile

  22. I think all the other things mentioned here like photography, event planning etc have a methodology or manual and can be learnt. (Of course I don’t mean to say they are easy) Parenting is a lot more challenging from a psychological perspective and its just the mom’s’way of letting off the steam I suppose. Glorifying themselves :) absolutely loved this post. My first time here.

  23. I cannot *stand* this sort of nonsense. Dude, stop acting like you’re the only fucking person on earth whose ever given birth. Most of the time that shit is posted by SAHM’s (not that I have ANY issue with SAHM’s, at all– high-five to all you badass bitches!)– who have working husbands, cars, food and medical care, not to mention the fact that they can afford Mother’s Day Out or daycare a couple of times a week.

    Being a mom can be a PITA. But it’s most CERTAINLY not the hardest job on earth. I say this as a runaway teen mom with a baby daddy who did a couple of years in state prison. I got through that madness, and yet still managed to realize that what I was experiencing was nothing more than ‘life’.
    NATurally Inappropriate recently posted…the pages where it hurts to look…My Profile

    • Right! Sounds like you had it harder than many moms, being a teenager and a single parent all in one. Almost makes me feel bad for complaining when my husband goes out of town for business for a few days. Almost. But, then I remember I like to bitch about shit, so I don’t feel too badly about my complaints. Even when I’m solo parenting for a few days, I have enough damn sense to realize 1. it’s temporary, and 2. I’m still not any of those things listed up there. I’m still “just a mom.”
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…Facebook and Other Social Media: Love It or Over It?My Profile

  24. Nchan on July 30, 2015 at 10:26 am said:

    I found your post a year too late! Thank you for writing it. I recently had lunch with my mother-in-law and a SAHM with 2-year old (lunch was not planned by me). The SAHM jumped right into whining about her life with her kid, and my MIL joined about how hard she had when her sons were young. I barely said 2 words during the lunch — I work and I have a 19 month old daughter, and I seriously believe I have no right to complain. I don’t get how the SAHM could whine so much but not get a nanny even for a few hours. And how my MIL couldn’t get over child-rearing that happened 35 years ago. I think that’s just how women build self-worth and it’s crazy annoying.

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