Mat Staver: The Homophobic Douchebag – DOWA #4

Oh, Right Wingers, sometimes you just make this too easy for me. While I was enjoying the holiday season, spending time with my family, it seems some idiots were still out in full force. Some people can come up with some crazy crap! Of course, they have no filter, so right out of their mouth it comes. When I hear about something like this, it actually renders me speechless for a few minutes. Sometimes it’s just a lot to wrap my head around.

Mat Staver is a perfect example of people letting their crazy out and the perfect Douchebag Of the Week Award recipient. He’s a total close minded homophobic douche. The absurdity of his comments quickly escalate to the point of being appalling. It makes me wonder how he’s able to function on a daily basis. He must live in such a world of fear and paranoia and total intolerance.

Never heard of Mat Staver before? I hadn’t either, but after a quick Google search, I found out that he and his wife started the Liberty Council. Crap, I hadn’t heard of that either, but, Google came to the rescue once again. Tons of ultra conservative garbage on their website that could in and of itself award him the DOWA. But, I’m going to try to keep my original focus here. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to stay on target.

Mat Staver is sending out a warning on the Voice of Christian Youth (radio), that sounds like the basis of an SNL skit. It would be almost humorous if he wasn’t serious. He says, “If you ultimately promoted same-sex marriage and everyone started to go towards same-sex marriage, what would happen to society? It would simply cease to exist.”

What the hell, dude? First, I don’t know who you think is “promoting” same sex marriage? There are many people who are saying everyone should have equal rights. That does include members of the same sex having the right to get married. But promoting it? As in, trying to get more people to do it? Nope, just trying to give the same freedoms to everyone.

Then you’re taking a mighty big jump there into “society ceasing to exist”??? How you even got there is beyond me. The population of the world is at an all time high, and you think we are going to run out of people? There are so many gays that we, as a society, are going to run out of people willing to procreate? Everyone is going to try out, and start loving gay sex so much that people won’t want to do the deed with members of the opposite sex? Is there anyone who thinks that even sounds remotely possible?

To make the leap, we would have to assume that there are millions of people that currently settle for getting married to the opposite sex only because it’s illegal to get married to the same sex. So, it must be a legal issue, right? Well, shit, that can’t be right. In my state, same sex marriage is legal. Guess what? I’m still married to a dude. I guess I could divorce my husband and marry a chick, but that thought doesn’t appeal to me at all, no matter how much “promoting” anyone does.

Just a quick thought, Mr. Staver, would you divorce your wife and go after a dude if society continues to “promote” it? How can you be such a weirdo as to think that every straight person is waiting to “turn gay”? Unless you have issues with your own sexuality? I don’t know. Just asking here.

Moving on, we have you’re next quote, and one that I am even hesitant to share here. You make a series of jumps here that indicate gay rights is encouraging pedophila (WTF???) and that “reputable people are encouraging pedophila.” I’d love to know what “reputable people” are encouraging that, and if you can’t give out names and quotes, then you’re just making bullshit up. Just because you can’t understand a person preferring to be with someone of the same sex, it’s asinine that you would assume the next logical step is that they want to have sex with a child.

Then we jump to “bestiality is also being promoted as well.”  Some television shows “promote” bestiality by making sex with animals seem like “a funny thing.” Really? I watch my fair share of TV and I’m just not seeing this “promotion of bestiality” that you refer to. But, even if that’s true, so fucking what? If people are joking around about getting it on with animals, that’s not making people try their hand at it.

Then you say, “that’s how this whole homosexuality began to happen on TV.” Right, people see “funny things” on TV all the time and decide to change their lifestyle to something that is that far out of line with their character, because people laughed about it? What kind of people do you know?

Mr. Staver, do you really know what the word “promotes” means? I’m surely thinking you are using it incorrectly. Promotes is not simply showing things on television. It’s not just sharing that other people have different beliefs or feelings, desires or urges than you may have. Promotes actually means “supports or actively encourage.” Showing gay people on TV does not encourage fucking pedophila or bestiality or even gay marriage for that matter.

No matter how many chicks on chicks I may see, and how socially acceptable it becomes (and believe me, I hope it continues to become socially acceptable), it’s not going to make a straight woman go out and be with another woman. If you have any doubt in that statement, then you scare me way more than thousands of gay people being able to marry their lovers.

Homophobic Douchebag

Audio recordings of Mat Stavers comments that I quoted may be found here.

29 Thoughts on “Mat Staver: The Homophobic Douchebag – DOWA #4

  1. Wow, this guy truly is a douche.

  2. Is this for real? I’m waiting for him to say “LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!”

    • Scary, huh? I swear it’s real. The very last sentence (under the pic) is the place you could actually listen to clips from the radio show – although, if you have kids, you may want to shoo them out of the room first. He actually goes on and spouts off more crazy stuff, I just had to limit how long my post was going to be.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post.

  4. WTF. Seriously. I’m wondering how one jumps from people promoting equality to people promoting gay relationships in high schools (this from the website you listed). It’s not like people are getting on the loudspeaker, “In today’s announcements, the principal is encouraging all you straight kids to try being gay just for a little while.”
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of sex with animals being promoted either. I mean, there was that one guy with the horse many years ago who got caught (and I am being serious here), but everyone knew that guy was crazy. The news didn’t do a big story to say, “Don’t judge this man until you try it!”

  5. Oh My, really, I laughed out loud at this, though it isn’t funny at all… If it were so easy to ‘convert’ people, wouldn’t most gay people be converted? He needs to have a chat with Michele Bachmann’s husband who still practices therapy that “turns gay people straight”.
    It stands to reason that if it takes a special intervention to turn gay people straight, it would be just as challenging to make a straight person gay. Anyway, it seems kind of fascinating that these wing-nuts think homosexuality is a modern phenomenon, when it has existed as long as humans have been prancing around this planet, and yet we muddle on; procreating and getting married, or not, sleeping with people we find attractive, and trying to make our way, and find some happiness in this crazy world.
    How making this partnering legal impacts anyone’s life outside that couple is beyond my comprehension!

    • Good points there Nancy. I have to admit, I laughed a little about this as well. It’s not ha ha funny, but instead it was a “what an absurd thought, is this guy serious” kind of a laugh. But, sadly, he is serious. It blows my mind that he would think anyone could be “turned gay” or “turned straight.” It’s just such a crazy thought. Also, the thought that anyone would choose their sexual preference based on if they were allowed to get married is archaic.

  6. Wow. I’d like to say I’m amazed, but sadly, we see so much of this intolerance.

  7. I’ve always been amazed by how ignorant people associate homosexuality with deviant behaviors like pedophilia or bestiality. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, though. Staver thinks homosexuality is deviant, so why wouldn’t he jump to that assumption? He’s consistently idiotic, I guess. I enjoyed your rant, Rhonda!

  8. Doug in Oakland on December 30, 2013 at 7:31 pm said:

    “People who believe that being gay is a choice have made that choice.” I heard this on a panel discussion on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show yesterday. I don’t (can’t) know if this is true, but it would certainly explain a lot if it were. Dr. Marcus Bachmann, for example.
    Denying one’s attraction to one’s own gender by publicly associating such attractions with truly deviant behavior may seem like an effective strategy to feign horror at one’s own urges, but it fails by calling unnecessary public attention to private intimate practices, begging the question “Why does this bother you so much?” Resolving inner conflicts is no excuse for cruelty.

    • Doug, I also can’t say if that statement is true, however, I definitely think there may be some merit to it. To publicly condemn it as wrong, then to judge people who are true to themselves, seems like the battle might be within. The same as Mr. Staver indicating that everyone is waiting to be homosexual. I think something must be going on within for him to make such outrageous claims that seem to be so far out of the line of thinking for an average person.

  9. Although the subject is not humorous, I did find this funny. The bloke is a complete douch, but you do express it well. Didn’t you know that just being near a gay guy will automatically turn you into a raving homosexual! ;)
    Actually, I was reading something a few days ago that was saying a lot of mature women are divorcing husbands (once the kids have left home, kinda age) and moving in with other women, because they want good company, less hassle and someone who helps out around the house. So maybe it’s not being near a gay person that turns us gay, it’s just spending 20 years married to a straight man!
    *ducks and runs for cover*

  10. This guy is why conservatives get a bad reputation. Just because I’d like a smaller government doesn’t mean I’m a bigot.

    The entire argument that Gay rights will ruin society so scarily echos how interracial marriage was going to ruin society. I’m not sure how anyone can stand there with a straight face preaching such ridiculousness.

    And the “slippery slope” argument, that gay marriage will lead to polygamy and bestiality, is even more insane.

    People deserve the right to love and be loved by the person of their own choice.

  11. I gotta say, I love you. It’s all the promoting you’re doing of the gay lifestyle, I think. Mind you it’s a purely platonic “I think you’re right on, and I couldn’t have said it better myself” kind of love, just to be clear. Write on, sister!

  12. LOL. I’ll take love any way I can get it! :D Honestly, I just don’t understand where these kind of douchebags come from. Why does it bother them? How can they be so arrogant as to want to deny two people who are in love? Why do they care what happens in someone elses bedroom?

  13. Theresa Lollis on January 9, 2014 at 10:10 pm said:

    I am always gobsmacked at the phenomena of stupid that comes out of peoples mouth I just don’t understand how they come to these conclusions. I am a Christian woman and it literally exhausts my brain and I am always worried what is going to fly out of someone’s mouth around my kids in a christian circle and it shouldn’t be that way but it is and that’s sad. I wouldn’t dare play most Christian talk radio around my children because it’s quite literally a bunch of crap. Congrats sir you deserve your award! You are a DOUCHEBAG!!!

    • This douchebag is something else. I am always amazed at the irrational fear some people have for something they don’t understand. Why wouldn’t they take the time to try to figure it out? Why do they want to live in a bubble that is so accepting of other people? It’s beyond me. I used to think “all I can do is shake my head at them” but then I realized I could do something a little better – or at least a little more fun – I could call them out on their Dbag ways and let other people see them for what they are too. It’s not much, but it’s better than silently suffering at their craziness.

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