Gary’s Chicaros Says OK to Discrimination

Do you ever read or watch the news and get perturbed that the focus is so narrow they miss the broader, more significant message? That’s what happened to me yesterday. The article I was reading focused on the story’s douchebag, the owner of Gary’s Chicaros. I’ve been guilty of concentrating on the douchebag myself, but while doing that we can’t skip over the more relevant points.

Let me pause for a moment to say this story is extremely offensive. I’m not talking offensive in my usual flippant, shoulder shrugging, “eh, someone might be a little offended” way. This story will piss you off.


Enid, Oklahoma is a town of about 50,000 people. There’s a restaurant there called Gary’s Chicaros, owned by Gary James. James is the biggest piece of shit I’ve read about for a long time. I have to give some information on him for reference.

The Douchebag behind Gary’s Chicaros:

During the time James has owned Gary’s Chicaros, he’s never had a problem kicking someone out. He’s never had a problem turning people away at the door either. Baggy jeans, visible tattoos, men with long hair, homosexuals, African-Americans, disabled people, people on government assistance, or people who just rub him the wrong way have either been kicked out or refused entry.

It’s his business and he does what he pleases, even making comments like this:

“I’ve been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a f*ggot. If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money there. I don’t deal with these people walking down the street with no jobs on welfare.”

“I have one rule that does away with 95 percent of the trash,” James said. “If they are rude enough to wear a hat inside a building, I don’t want them here. Most of those little faggots have their hats on backwards.”

The official t-shirt for Gary’s Chicaros makes it clear that a “f*ggot” isn’t welcome in James’s establishment. It features that word, the N-word, and threatens violence against Muslims, Democrats, and members of many minority groups.

Everyone walking into Gary’s Chicaros can see the hatred proudly paraded around, yet they continue to hand this fucker their money. It seems the only people he doesn’t have a problem with are straight, republican, white, Christian men. Gary James is a repulsive bigot who’s happy to brag about his discrimination.

Discrimination in Oklahoma: Gary's Chicaros

The Bigger Story:

This isn’t the first time people have brought much of James’s views into the spotlight. Four years ago, many of these claims were reported. The people of Enid didn’t care enough to stop going to Gary’s Chicaros so the doors would have to close. To a certain degree, this must be accepted there.

Before I get the hate mail, I’m sure everyone didn’t know about it. A few people may not have read the news stories, may not have seen the news reports, may not have heard their neighbors gossiping about the discrimination, or may not have seen James strutting around the restaurant in his distasteful shirt. I have no doubts many people knew what Gary’s Chicaros was about but just didn’t care.

Long time regular Matt Gard says Gary James discriminates against blacks, Hispanics, and the disabled. He’s turned a blind eye to it for a long time, until James told Gard not to come in for dinner with his wheelchair.

The problem is many people don’t have a problem with discrimination until it’s directed at them.

Gard is outraged. When he is the one who is ostracized he suddenly feels we need to look back on 40 years of intolerance. Everyone should hear about it, and it must be stopped. It wasn’t important when James threw out previous patrons in Gard’s presence. It wasn’t important until Gard was the one who wasn’t allowed to enter Gary’s Chicaros.

Gard said, “The people who still go back and patronize his business are condoning his behavior in how he treats others.”

Truer words have never been spoken. But excuse me if I don’t have sympathy for Mr. Gard. How long did Mr. Gard patronize Gary’s Chicaros? Years. How many people got kicked out, for whatever reason, and Gard sat there not saying a word? Then Mr. Gard came back to Gary’s Chicaros to see it all play out again.

Matt Gard is portrayed as the victim here, and he is. Before he was the victim, he was part of the problem. Gard silently sat there for years while other people were the object of the discrimination, and he kept condoning James’s behavior with his repeat patronage.

How can the people of Enid continue to fill this arrogant bigots pockets? Why would Mr. Gard and the people of Enid condone his unacceptable behavior for the past 44 years?

I understand most people reading this have probably never even heard of Enid, Oklahoma, let alone Gary’s Chicaros. I can’t help but wonder how many of us do this very same thing that Matt Gard did?

We may not condone discrimination, but do we frequent establishments whose owners very vocally do?

Do we look the other way when it’s happening around us?

Do we walk away so we don’t see the ugliness that hangs around some people like a noxious cloud?

As Edmond Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Do we have big enough balls to stand up against bullies like James? I’m not saying people should confront James in Gary’s Chicaros, but they could use their voice to write a letter to the newspaper, tell their friends and family, or report the behavior to the Attorney Generals Office. They can make the choice to show James their disapproval by giving their dollars to the restaurant down the street or across town. They can make James suffer in the pocketbook, instead of enabling him to continue his ignorant hatefulness.

Note: I don’t want it to seem as if I’m attacking Mr. Gard personally. I’ve done some research and he seems like a hell of a nice guy. I can be a hell of a nice person, too.

My point is simply that nice people can’t just look the other way while douchebags like James are continue their discrimination.

In the words of Desmond Tutu, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

This is not just happening in Enid, Oklahoma. Similar situations occur across the country. How we respond to those situations is the true reflection of our character.


73 Thoughts on “Gary’s Chicaros Says OK to Discrimination

  1. What a well written post – and I totally agree with you. Gard is in no way a victim (other than in his mind!) – what about all those other people before him and those still to come if nothing is done.
    I’m not perfect and have let things go without saying or doing anything plenty of times but I think in a case like this, one visit to that eating establishment would be more than enough for me! Watching people being kicked out or listening to a completely foul owner would make me never want to return.
    Kim recently posted…The Balance to My CrazyMy Profile

  2. So well written. Awesome points all around. No hate mail from me!
    Sarah (est. 1975) recently posted…tickle my pickleMy Profile

    • Thank you Sarah! I appreciate that! :)
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

      • Michael Gee on February 11, 2014 at 8:56 am said:

        It was a well written article until you had to throw in the derogatory republican remark. For once, why could you not just hide your liberal left wing side and just report the facts? Bigotry is neither Republican or Democrat, but the failure of all mankind.

        • You’re right Michael, bigotry doesn’t follow a party line or even a racial profile. Any person has the capacity for hatred. It’s just a matter of if they act on it or not.
          Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

        • In Oklahoma, like Texas, the “white Republican male” remark would have perhaps an eighty percent chance of being correct, thou I do agree it could have been omitted.

        • Actually, like is stated above, “The restaurant’s official t-shirt makes it clear that a “f*ggot” isn’t welcome in James’s establishment. It features that word, the N-word, and threatens violence against Muslims, Democrats, and members of many minority groups.”

          One of the other minority groups represented on the shirt was women. This wasn’t a stereotype or an assumption on my part. It was directly from the shirt he so proudly wears in his business.
          Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

        • Your comment is so tone-deaf and narcissistic that I can hardly believe a human typed it. Here is this blog about a white, Christian, Republican male perpetuating discrimination against pretty much every historically-reviled minority group in the country (gay people, women, people of color, religious minorities, disabled people, etc), and you think that it’s actually “derogatory” to mention Gary James’ demographic.

          Do you also think it’s derogatory for me to point out that his demographic has been on the “oppressor” end of discrimination for the entire history of the United States of America (minus party affiliation)?

          The current Republican electorate is a safe haven for bigots like this. They run for office almost exclusively as Republicans, and win almost exclusively as Republicans. Nationally-prominent Republican senators decry public accommodation non-discrimination laws, bemoan protected minority classes, and prevent progress on non-discrimination laws like ENDA.

          So while I appreciate the Hallmark sentiment that bigotry is non-partisan, I resent how utterly oblivious that sentiment is. Statements like that give the Republican party cover to ignore the fact that they are the party of bigotry in the modern era.

          • Michael Gee on February 11, 2014 at 1:22 pm said:

            The article was about a bar owner and his bigotry, not about politics. So you can take your little left-wing political rant and sing to the choir.
            You completely miss the point of my comment and prefer to wax eloquent about “the entire history of the United States”. Maybe you can blame George Bush while you are at it.
            No response is needed or desired.

            • You made it about politics by chiding the author for not white-washing (no pun intended) the fact that this is a Republican problem in a Republican state in a Republican area perpetuated by one very bigoted Republican restaurant owner patronized by other white Republicans.

              You do not like it when someone observes the fact that discrimination against minorities in the US is a disproportionately Republican problem. It is impossible to have an honest discussion about bigotry and the perpetuation of bigotry in Oklahoma or the US without addressing the bigot-sheltering Republican Party. Pretending that there is no partisan element is, in fact, completely dishonest and undermines the purpose of having any conversation in the first place.

              • Charlie Kinyon on February 11, 2014 at 2:28 pm said:

                JDH – you are 100% correct. Republicans are clearly the party of bigotry.

              • Shrimpdip on February 11, 2014 at 2:29 pm said:

                I agree, JDH…and especially since he specifically includes “Democrats” on his proudly bigoted shirt.

                After all, who exactly is left that he does not hate after you subtract everyone *on* his shirt? –> white Christian Republican males.

        • Charlie Kinyon on February 11, 2014 at 1:38 pm said:

          This man hates democrats and publicizes it, adding them to his list of undesireables unwelcome in his crapy restauant. Thus the republican remark is valid, not a “liberal left wing side” and is indeed a fact.

        • You poor put upon bigot with tender sensibilities.

          • Awwww you poor little faggots so upset someone doesn’t share your sick views. I would gladly visit this bar owners establishment. Its nice to have a place to go and not have to deal with all the social low-lifes of this country.

            • good for you Brad! I’m sure you’ll a great time unless you are a disabled vet. it seems to me that the social lowlifes do go to this place so you’ll be right at home.

            • Seems to me that the low-lifes are in Gary James’ establishment. Who turns away people in wheelchairs? Using terms like ‘Freaks’ ‘Faggots’ and ‘Ni&&ers’ as a way to describe people…what a stellar bunch that must be in that place and the ignoramus that owns it is the ringleader. Jeebus!

        • Your comment is interesting since it demonstrates the point Rhonda is making so well.

          James counts on the support of people like Gard, who don’t care who he discriminates against as long as it’s not themselves.

          Which is exactly what the Republican party does. People who swear they are not racist continue to support the Republican Party, despite its dog-whistle politics and racist voter suppression attempts.

          People who swear they are not bigoted against gays continue to support the Republican party, despite its platform of oppressing gay rights to marriage and adoptions.

          And you? You don’t say a word about the restaurant owner including “Democrats” in his list of proscribed customers. But you’re right there to pipe up about how wrong it is to mention that he only seems to approve of white, Christian, Republican males. That’s the only time you have a problem.

          You’re like those people who never say one word about any actual practice of racism, yet jump up and down in protest at people being accused of racism.

          Very interesting how people obliviously post comments that show they suffer precisely from the mond-set they’re railing against.

          • Michael Gee on February 13, 2014 at 10:47 am said:

            Let me try this one more time for the slow of learning; the point I made was that bigotry and racism are everywhere. If you want to continue in your belief that all Republicans and bigots and racists and all Democrats are beyond reproach then nothing I say will open your eyes to your arrogant, ignorant and stupid point of view. Go back to the couch, drink more Kool-aide and occupy your parents basement and continue to live in ignorant bliss. For the record, I am neither Republican or Democrat; none of these incompetents deserve my respect.

            • And I’ll try this one more time for those with reading comprehension issues: I wasn’t saying that ALL Republicans are anything (and I’m not a Democrat, anyway) I was saying that the Republicans who are bigots and racists, and incorporate these attitudes into the policies they promote STILL get the support of Republicans who claim they are not bigots and racists.

              That’s what this blog post is about: people walking away from an establishment run by a bigot, rather than supporting it because hey – he’s not bigoted against themselves. The Republicans who are not bigots/racists/misogynists provide a lot of support for bigoted/racist/misogynistic policies.

              Arguing against an argument I didn’t make doesn’t distract from the point that I did make – that you didn’t say anything against the owner for blacklisting “Democrats”, but had plenty to say about the poster then deducing (based on the bigot’s own words, no less)that he only approved of white Christian Republican males. It wasn’t the poster who made it political: it was the bigot she was writing about, but somehow that went right over your head. Reasoning doesn’t seem to be your strongpoint.

            • Ahh, the thoroughly-beaten dead horse that is the “they’re not all like that” argument with a dash of false equivalency fallacy. Thanks for stating the most obvious thing in the world: Group A is not all bad, and Group B is not all good.

              Except that that’s not even a topic of discussion. We can safely generalize bigotry as a Republican value because we have eyes and ears. For more proof, look at their party platform, the bills they propose in Congress, the way they run states they control, the rhetoric of Republican-aligned activist groups, etc.

              The Democrats have creationists, climate-change deniers, holocaust deniers, neo-nazis, Dixiecrat Confederates, racists, etc. in their ranks, too. The difference being that they’re not a majority of the party in public opinion polls. The party leadership denounces them instead of running them for office and acting like they are heroes. The Democrats do not have party-base celebrities who are famous and celebrated only for their bigotry (eg Carrie Prejean, Phil Robertson, Joe the Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, etc).

  3. Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    There is nothing more I can add to this.
    Rhonda, thanks for speaking out!
    Nancy Lowell recently posted…Mac and Cheese Fit for CompanyMy Profile

  4. Excellent excellent post, Rhonda! Turning a blind eye or a deaf ear to things can often come back to bite us – as it did in Gard’s case. Looking the other way doesn’t help or solve anything – and this is something most of us (including me) have at one time or another been guilty of. It’s something we all need to give more thought to and change – and I thank you very much for writing and sharing this excellent post. It’s a perfect example of why things need to change! 😀
    Marcia @ Blogitudes recently posted…I Married Him Anyway…My Profile

  5. One of your best yet. Here is an article you may enjoy
    Apparently some people reviewed this dickhead’s place as a gay bar.
    I think it should be noted he’s running for city council and feels he has a good chance of winning.
    Total piece of shit.
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…Winter Storm NikaMy Profile

  6. Thank you Missy. I think so too. He ran for council a few years ago and didn’t win. This time he thinks he may, but we will find out in a couple days. I saw he was running for council, but god help the people of Enid if he wins! People now are all giving his place bad reviews, but they didn’t start until Gard’s complaints were publicized. While I personally find a twisted humor in that, I can’t find the reviews actually reliable. Although, on a personal note, I hope his place gets no business and he has to find a job working for a totally liberal boss. Yeah, I might be a bitch, but I’d find poetic justice in that.
    Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  7. I can’t believe this is even legal…WTF?
    Twindaddy recently posted…Feature Friday: Daises From DustMy Profile

  8. Wow…just…wow. I cannot believe that in this day and age there are still people out there who so hateful and prejudiced toward others. Makes me ill.

    It’s even more sad Gard watched all this injustice for many years and did nothing. He may be a nice guy, but he’s still along the time lines as James by standing back and doing nothing while others were discriminated against. That doesn’t make him a good person. Period.
    Kim recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful: Lady BallsMy Profile

  9. Wow. On the one hand I’m not surprised that this is going on because I’m aware of the level of ignorance, bigotry, and racism that still exists in this country but DAMN how are his doors still open? That must be some tiiiiiny little backward town or something. I remember seeing an episode of Top Gear where they were driving through the South with some sort of pro-LGBT slogans on their cars and this gas station owner called two trucks of guys to show up and kick their asses. My jaw was on the floor that those people still exist.
    Aussa Lorens recently posted…Tales From The Ward: Nurse RatchedsMy Profile

  10. Once again, in this country run by money, if the people in Enid, Oklahoma voted with their dollars they would put this guy out of business in short order. And it would be so simple – just don’t go eat there!

    • Exactly. The big question is why don’t they?
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

      • They don’t because they agree with him. I lived in southern Ks for some time years ago and made many trips to Enid and Bartelsville (not sure about that spelling) these people are for the most part typical rednecks, they do not like anyone different than them and they let you know. We were shunned because we were Yankees, my kids dealt with it every day in school, I dealt with every day at every job interview I had, my wife dealt with at the local food mart! I had a job search worker tell me outright “It’s gona be tuff mr white, even though you got lots of experience and all, folks round here just don’t like hiren outsiders and yall taint from round here, it’s not right but that’s they way it is!
        I got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

  11. Doug in Oakland on February 9, 2014 at 5:34 pm said:

    Excellent post. Many of those with privilege (of any sort) have just always had it, and never had any reason to wonder whether it came at someone else’s expense.
    My family moved from Ardmore, Oklahoma to northern California right before I was born (whew!). My brother was 10 when we moved, and he already had racist tendencies, although in Eureka there weren’t much of anyone to be racist against. But he talked that way. I haven’t been to Oklahoma since the 70’s, when I was a little kid, but even then I noticed the racial divisions and sort of couldn’t wait to get back to California, which I readily admit is a certain form of my own favoritism: I’m Californian by birth, by nature, and by choice. Also, when I was 23 I moved from Eureka to Oakland, where I have lived for the last 30 years. I like it here. I certainly don’t want to stereotype the entire south as being any certain way: there are all different kinds of people living everywhere. On the other hand, though, I am fairly certain that this guy’s restaurant wouldn’t fly in Oakland.

  12. Thank you, Doug! Bigotry is such a foreign concept to me. My brother lives in Tennessee and the stories he tells me are shocking. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t so different from this one.

    We live in Washington, and I would have to think my love for it is similar to your love for Oakland. There is no where else I’d rather raise my boys. I couldn’t imagine being in an area filled with so much racism, sexism, and nonacceptance of other people. Those certainly aren’t the values I want to pass on to my kids. Actually, I wish those beliefs wouldn’t be passed on to any kids.

    I’m pretty sure that guy’s restaurant wouldn’t be open around here either. For that, I am glad :)
    Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  13. This is an awesome post – and I have to say I totally agree with you. I think that the owner of the establishment is a certified jackass, BUT I was thinking the whole time, it’s his right to be a jackass and I didn’t really have a problem with that — I mean all people had to do was not go there. Just like if people don’t like something about me or my blog, they don’t have to ready it or follow my fan pages – easy peasy. What pissed me off, and it seems it did you too, was Mr. Gard’s stance…totally fine with everything until he was on the receiving end. A total hypocrite and if there’s one thing that rubs me the wrong way, it’s a hypocrite.
    Alison recently posted…Best Laid PlansMy Profile

  14. Thank you Alison. I just can’t believe how many articles I’ve read on this, and believe me, it’s been a lot of them, and none of them were pointing out the hypocrite. None of them were doing anything except for talking about the owner. Well, we all know there are assholes like that across the country.

    I agree with you. There are plenty of blogs out there that I don’t read because I don’t care for them. There are plenty of restaurants I don’t go to because the service is terrible. However, as long as people keep looking the other way on the poor service, it’s not going to get any better. Same thing with Gary Chicaros. People just have to decide what’s important to them.
    Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  15. Oh, I love stories like these, but I love it more when I find someone who calls bullshit on the bullshitter. The victim here is fucking clueless and I waver back and forth between anger and terror, because ARE people that clueless?? If so, then we have a bigger problem on our hands. Anyone who eats at this restaurant is to blame. They all empower that owner and keep his lights on. I realize we don’t know EVERYTHING about the establishments we frequent, but it sounds like most patrons knew the “rules” at this joint. I may not know about every place I choose to spend my time and money, but I know a few to avoid: Chik fil A, anything Duck Dynasty and now this place if I’m ever in Enid, OK.
    Jen at recently posted…Top 10 Reasons to “Love Me” or “Get With Me”My Profile

    • I agree, Jen. Money talks. The sad and scary thing is that people keep going there. Just like Mr. Gard did. If it isn’t affecting them, too many people simply don’t care. How can people be content to look the other way? But what’s worse, how can they later have the audacity to scream that they are treated poorly by the same thing?

      I think a great start for all of us would be to just pay attention to the vocal businesses we frequent.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  16. Sometimes turning a blind eye is just as bad as doing wrong yourself. I hope someday I go to Enid just so I can NOT go to this place.
    Kate recently posted…Thankful for these favorite reads of the weekMy Profile

  17. Cheyenne on February 10, 2014 at 3:53 pm said:

    James is finding out about the flip side of publicity and it’s freaking hilarious. Chicaros is being touted on Yelp and Facebook as a GAY BAR!!!

    • Cheyenne, I read that today. There is a part of me that almost chuckles. He probably isn’t very happy about that.

      Then, there’s another side of me that feels bad for some unsuspecting tourist who travels through there in a few months and knows nothing of this situation. If they find those yelp reviews they’ll have a disappointing night after they get kicked out.

      I really just hope the people of Enid quit going out to Gary’s Chicaros. Maybe then he’ll realize that all people should be treated with respect.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  18. Pantologist on February 10, 2014 at 5:25 pm said:

    I grew up in Enid. The primay clientele at the Chicaro club have always been the fly boys from Vance Air Force Base. I’ve never heard of any local going to that place except some of the local sluts looking to bang a fly boy in the hopes he might marry them and get them the out of that town. (Completely serious and I know of a couple success stories) The local citizens don’t support this asshole. The student pilots who will defend our country are the ones keeping him in business. Somehow that seems even sadder.

    • Wow. I agree that that does somehow make it sadder. Maybe because if they are defending us and will look the other way on this…well, it just doesn’t seem like a good situation.

      Thank you so much for commenting! I was really wondering why the people in Enid would continue to support this guy. I can see it the Air Force Base is there, perhaps there are always the newbies on the base going to check it out.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  19. Rhonda, The poem that Nancy shared was the first thing that came to mind after I read your post. I’m not sure how people can sit there and watch this happen. It’s terrible that someone can be so pathetic, but even more cruel when everyone stands silently by. Sometimes I forget that this type of discrimination still goes on in our country. It’s a good reminder that I need to pay more attention to what happens where I live. I want to be part of the solution…
    Jennifer Steck recently posted…Retirement Head GamesMy Profile

  20. I wonder if all this attention will have an unintended side effect? I believe his views are much more mainstream that we want to admit and these articles will increase his business as people go there just to prove a point and protest society moving on.

  21. P. Cromwell on February 11, 2014 at 11:05 am said:

    Very good blog. Thanks!

  22. AustinTX on February 11, 2014 at 9:07 pm said:

    Hi Rhonda,

    Thank you so much for bringing this to light. I was at first enchanted by the witty Yelp, Facebook and Google comments. Then I realized that his client base does not use any of those services, and it won’t probably won’t affect him at all. (Sigh)

    However, a visit from the Garfield County Health Inspector would at least give him pause.

    On a different blog, someone pointed that there is a cat cleaning itself in his kitchen. You can see it twice on the original news report on February 6 from, most clearly starting at minute 1:30.

    Here in Austin a crappy bar was featured on a bar makeover show. It was infested with roaches. Afterwards the health department cracked down on all restaurants for even the slightest roach problem. I have a feeling they received quite a few calls from city residents asking what in the heck they were doing when they were supposedly inspecting these places.

    I don’t know about Oklahoma, but I know here in Texas it is against Health Code to have an animal in your restaurant unless it is a service animal. A cat licking its balls on the dirty floor will most definitely do the same on a food-prep surface.

    I tried to find Gary’s Chicaros Club on the Web site under Food Service Establishment Inspections. Again, here in Texas, any person can see all previous health inspections for any establishment. The health inspections occur at least every six months. Maybe I’m not doing the search correctly, but anyone from Enid should be able to pull those records up.

    The number to the Garfield County Consumer Protection and Environmental Health Departments is Call (580) 233-0650, ext. 126 or 127. They provide “on-site regulatory inspections of retail food establishments.”

    Anyone from Enid or Garfield County want to give them a call and see how they scored on their last report? Maybe ask about the cat?

    In any case, thank you Rhonda for sharing this, and for your well-written entry. I totally agree with some of your supporters here that the bigotry is Republican problem. You rightly responded to Gary’s t-shirt, if not his entire outlook on life.

    • First, thank you. I love it when people point things out that I missed and when people teach me something. You have done both.

      I probably watched that video 8 times when I was writing this original post, and I totally missed seeing the cat in the restaurant. I went back today and looked at the video again and clearly saw the cat at about 1:30 into the video. This is one more thing that isn’t drawing attention, but yuck. I definitely think the health department should come out and take a look around.

      The information you provided about the health inspections really made me think. I have never taken a few minutes to find that information on the local restaurants I frequent. I think I’m going to do some checking. Who knows if cats are running around in the kitchens where I’m eating? If it can happen in Oklahoma, it can happen here too.

      The concerning thing to me about the Yelp reviews is that in 6 months, after this is out of the spotlight for a while, some unsuspecting tourist may go into Gary’s Chicaros, thinking it will be a fun place to have a few drinks. The joke will then be on the innocent person when he’s treated poorly and kicked out.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  23. This is so thought provoking. I love it.

    I’m not surprised that some people choose to had this asshat their money, but it is kind of shocking that enough people have done so to keep him in business for 40 years.

    What a douche twizzle.
    RageMichelle recently posted…Weak Is The New Strong: Adult Children Of NarcissistsMy Profile

  24. Fantastic. You’re exactly right about Mr Gard, but so many people are busy patting him on the back for coming forward and comforting him for being treated poorly… it’ll take a couple of days for them to say .. “Hey wait a minute, you put up with this for years and NOW you say something.”

    The news is not going to report about Mr Gard’s involvement /patronage because I think, then the News would be the bad guy for jumping on/pointing out the obvious about the victim.

    Surely, there is enabling going on in Enid if he had been open and seemingly successful for 44 years… His steak can’t be that good. I think some people can’t wait to see him go off on someone and many probably share his views though they wouldn’t show it as openly as he does.

    I live in Oklahoma City(I’m a bi-racial female) and my BF(Caucasian) lives in Enid… He knows of the establishment and had a few choice words about the owner as we were watching the news together (he’s never been there, but knows of the owner)… It annoys me to no end when this type of thing goes nationwide because then people think all people in Oklahoma are that way. WE ARE NOT!..

    • Well, I’ll take the role of the “bad guy” and point out that Mr. Gard is a hypocrite. 😉 People who stand up against injustice are to be commended, or at the very least, acknowledged. Unless they are only standing up against a perceived injustice to themselves.

      I understand how one douchebag can make a whole area be perceived in a certain way. Especially when the guy has been like this and is still in business so many years later. It does make people (including myself) wonder if most people in the area share his views. I’m glad you commented to let us know that this guys views are not the norm for the area.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…The Oklahoma Story We Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  25. You know, this place seems like a gathering place for slime. Maybe one of those flyboys will come to his senses and undertake a surgical strike with an F-16 one of these night.

  26. Pogonip on February 13, 2014 at 2:13 am said:

    The restaurant needs that cat in the kitchen to keep down the rat population. It’s cheaper than calling an exterminator. There used to be a restaurant here that had mice so tame they would beg for salad at the tables while people were dining. The health department closed them down.

    Maybe the word will get around the flying school that this is the best gay restaurant and bar in all of Oklahoma. Someone might be able to help them learn that if they have a website or a bulletin board to steer them to Yelp!

  27. This is why I research business before I shop them. I’ve had to given up some things I actually love, but it is worth it to know my money is not directly supporting intolerance and inequality. I wish more people cared the way you do and that more people voted with their wallets.
    maurnas recently posted…Weird ThingsMy Profile

  28. Pingback: Open Your Eyes - It's Called Equal Rights | Bitch & Whine

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