One Million Moms Not Needed

The other day I heard one million moms were upset with Disney. What the hell did Disney do to upset one million moms? It took me a minute to realize that it wasn’t actually a million moms who were upset, but the group One Million Moms (Usually I link to the group I’m talking about so you can see where I’m getting my info. In this case, I’m not linking to them because I don’t like them).

I’ve heard of One Million Moms in the past. Since I hadn’t heard anything about them for a while, I had no idea why they’d be upset with Disney. I was really feeling out of the loop, so I had to check them out and see what was going on.

First, some information on One Million Moms. Their goal is to have one million moms united to monitor what’s on TV, movies and music. While they don’t say how many moms are actually on board with what they’re doing, I can see they have under 65,000 Facebook likes. Some of those are men, and some are people, like me, who just “like” being aware of what they’re doing. They tend to think that all media should be “family friendly” and take it as their personal mission to scream loudly about anything that isn’t.

Basically they’re a group of self-appointed dictators.

Meh. I don’t really care for dictators or for One Million Moms.

On another day, reading what they’ve been up to would have been upsetting. I know this because I’ve had those other days. In the past, I’ve gotten quite upset that they want to police so much, demanding advertisers don’t sponsor certain shows or they’ll boycott, demanding networks take shows off the air or they’ll boycott, blah, blah, blah.

Oddly enough though, on this day, I found humor in the situation. I found myself thinking, “I don’t really care if they are sending letters to express their unhappiness or if they are boycotting companies.” They are entitled to do what makes them feel better about themselves. They feel they are “bettering” society, and while I don’t agree with them, why should I care?

Maybe I shouldn’t care, but I do. It rubs me the wrong way when people want to dictate what I can and can’t watch in my house. While reading through their previous campaigns, I did find some of them humorous. I’ll tell you why they’re upset with Disney, but before we get there, let me show you a few examples of other television they’ve been upset with.

One Million Moms and the Staples “L Word” Commercials

Staples commercials use these slogans: “There will be L to pay; L if I know; Get the L out of here; All L has broken loose and What the L is going on.”
Staples’ ads (airing on broadcast airwaves and in print) are irresponsible and offensive. They are extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children who will be exposed to this suggested profanity.

Oh hell, I don’t know how destructive that really is to impressionable children. I watched the commercial and my kids came up and saw it. Sure enough, one of them said, “What the L?” and the other said, “No, they said what the hell.”

Wanna know how I dealt with it?  I used my firm “mom voice” and said, “They said what the L, but I don’t want to hear either of you boys say either of those things.” Boom. Done. Hope that won’t cause psychological scarring in the future.

Newsflash: Precious Peter is going to hear the word hell if he leaves the house. He’ll overhear it at the grocery store, the department store, or he may even overhear a couple moms say it at the playground.

One Million Moms – Oh Capital One, not the D word

In the newest Capital One commercial starring Samuel L. Jackson, he blurts out the d-word! We all know children repeat what they hear.
Capital One’s “Quicksilver” ad is irresponsible and offensive. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial.

Is this really what people worry about? The D word? Extremely destructive? Simply hearing the word Damn is damaging? I know you can’t see me, but I’m really just sitting here shaking my head.

Samuel L. Jackson is a badass. Sometimes badasses say damn. Sometimes they even tell people to “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

One Million Moms and NBC’s Dracula

Warning! NBC’s “Dracula” season premiere is set to air this Friday, October 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT with a TV-14 rating. The gory series will air on weekends when children and teens potentially stay up later. As another program to warp the minds of our youth, it will likely give children nightmares
Take Action
Please send your email to oppose NBC’s new show “Dracula” and strongly encourage this network to drop all plans to air the program.
Let NBC know you and your family will not be watching the series premiere of “Dracula” or any following episodes. Also, inform NBC that you will no longer watch the network at all in order to avoid seeing the graphic previews for this dark show.
Let NBC know also that you are prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their “do not advertise” list, consider pulling all ads from the NBC network in protest.

This arrogant entitlement is exactly what pisses me off. “If I don’t want my kids to watch it, then it shouldn’t be on TV.” Aside from One Million Moms, who thinks this way?

My response to that will always be parents need to parent their own kids. If a show isn’t appropriate for them, turn the channel or turn off the television.

I can guarantee if darling Debbie doesn’t watch the show, she won’t have nightmares. I can’t comprehend trying to get the show removed from a network so some people can be lax parents in their homes.

As an adult, I might want to watch the show. I highly doubt it will give me nightmares. If it does give me nightmares, I’ll probably quit watching it. I can guarantee I won’t write to the advertisers and ask them to stop advertising with that show. I won’t write letters to the network demanding it be removed because I don’t like it.

One Million Moms and Disney’s Good Luck Charlie

An upcoming episode in this last season of “Good Luck Charlie” will feature a family with two moms, a first for Disney Channel.

Conservative families need to urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend. This is the last place a parent would expect their children to be confronted with topics that are too difficult for them to understand. Mature issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and it is extremely unnecessary.

Oh, I have so much to say about this one.

Personally, I have never seen Good Luck Charlie. I have, however, seen a few episodes of other shows on the Disney Channel. I have problems with them:  the kids are snotty, back talking little shits who do whatever they want with no consequences. The parents typically act like buffoons or are around very little, allowing their kids to have free reign.

I don’t want my boys, ages 9 and 6, to watch those shows so I don’t allow them to watch those shows. I would rather they watch shows that have involved parents who don’t allow back talk. Those types of shows wouldn’t make for good TV though, so they aren’t on.

You know what I don’t do? I don’t scream in horror and ask thousands of people to demand that Disney takes the shows off the air.

Kids with two moms or two dads is not something of science fiction. It’s reality. If that’s hidden from children, when they confront it in real life they may not know how to react to it.

These One Million Moms aren’t giving their children enough credit. If their kids are emotionally able to watch this show, these topics aren’t “too difficult for them to understand.” It’s not a “mature issue.”

How do I know? A couple of days ago my 9-year-old asked the meaning of the word “gay.” He told us he knew there were two meanings of the word. We told him one meaning was happy and one meaning was when two men or two women loved each other. He said okay – end of conversation. Incidentally, our 6-year-old was in the room listening as well.

The next day, the 6-year-old asks, “so…some people can have two mommies and other people can have two daddies?” We told him yes and he replied, “I guess I’m pretty lucky to have one of each.” Is that really such a hard conversation to have? Maybe One Million Moms need to learn how to talk with kids.

We didn’t bring up the topic, but when the boys did, we answered the questions they had. Now if they meet someone with same-sex parents it won’t be a massive shock to them.

Being a parent isn’t dictating everything other people are doing. It isn’t about telling other parents they are doing it wrong. It’s simply watching what your family is doing. Teaching your children your ideology, sure, but also making them aware other families may have different beliefs.

It’s all about choices here. One Million Moms choose to be the babysitter of the world instead of only their own household. I choose to monitor my household, and not worry about what other people are watching on TV.

Have an opinion on One Million Moms? Should they worry more about their own households, or should we be grateful we have One Million Moms looking out for us?

One million moms not needed

55 Thoughts on “One Million Moms Not Needed

  1. OMG Rhonda, I love this! LOL! Personally I am of the firm belief that all “activists” need to keep their noses in their own homes and stay the “L” out of mine! 😉 My 11 and 14 year old kids have known all about homosexuality since about the ages of 6 & 9, because their oldest brother is gay. They accept it and love him completely. Kids nowadays can “handle” so much more than we did 25+ years ago and most of it is stuff they learn from other kids.
    My kids have even been known to pop off a swear word or two, and personally I look at them as just words. They also have been taught not to use them negatively towards another person, because it is never nice to call someone names. But they also know when not to allow those words to come out of their mouths…work, church, school, around family. Personally I will be the one to teach my children about all things; I don’t need or want a bunch of do-gooders doing it for me!
    Great post as always! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted…Heartfelt Thanks to Our January Co-hosts!My Profile

    • Thanks Stacey! I completely agree that I’d rather be the one teaching my kids instead of leaving it up to a bunch of other people. I signed up to be a parent, and I don’t like it when others try to take that job away from me. Kids are going to see/hear many things when we take them out of our house – we use it as an opportunity to discuss peoples beliefs and how we feel about them. Doesn’t everyone do that?
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  2. I cannot stand these idiots. It’s like they purposefully seek out things about which to be offended. How is this any way to live?
    Twindaddy recently posted…Feature Friday: Behind the Mask of AbuseMy Profile

  3. I could NOT agree more!! Parents need to take responsibility for their own children and concentrate on raising them to be productive members of society. They are doing a disservice to their children, those they say the fight is for. One day, those children will be adults, outside of the bubble those parents have created. What will happen then?
    Melissa Babbs recently posted…The Challenge of Choosing One WordMy Profile

  4. I can’t stand them either. Who the L are they to dictate what I or you or our friends watch?

    These women forget people are capable of making their own decisions and do not need someone attempting to remove programming many likely enjoy. If you are a responsible parent, you will monitor what your children watch. If you’re not, then it’s possible (though not necessarily a guarantee) your kids will be less than perfect angels.
    Kim recently posted…Contentment at the Bottom of a BottleMy Profile

    • One thing I found funny was many of their “success stories” that were removed from TV were shows that kind of sucked. A few I really wanted to like, but just didn’t. After they were cancelled, they claimed it was because of their campaigning.

      I found it amusing that they don’t go after many high rated shows. For example, they could make a strong case against CW for their vampire shows which also show witchcraft, blood, whatever, but they bring in high ratings for CW – those shows aren’t going anywhere until/unless the ratings tank.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  5. Couldn’t agree more! I’m sick of them trying to control everything because they are too lazy to have a conversation with their child. Kids are not as stupid as they make them look, give them some credit!
    Jessica recently posted…Pulled Pork CalzonesMy Profile

  6. I’m not a mother, but the sheer, arrogant entitlement of the “if I don’t like it, no one else should either” approach just astounds me. This attitude is found in so many places, from parenting to politics, but it’s not something I can stand behind no matter where it’s coming from. It makes me sad that something as simple as differing opinions provokes outrage and scorn from so many people.
    Rachel (@dearwilde) recently posted…As Real as it Gets; Or, My Non-Apology to the Blog WorldMy Profile

    • Rachel, I agree. The entitlement is found everywhere. I’ve even written about it while handing out some of my douchebag awards. That arrogance and entitlement is one thing I can’t stand. Why some people believe their beliefs should be forced on everyone else is beyond me.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  7. One Million times–YES!! (see what I did there?! lol) Dictator is the perfect word: I don’t like it, so no one else should either. Well, I agree with them in one way–I don’t agree with them, so I think we should start a petition to disband the whole group. How’s that?!

    I’ve written about those loonies too. (

    Million Moms Mantras:
    Different = bad.
    My children will not think for themselves … I will tell them what to think.
    The best way to prepare my kids for life is to keep them in a bubble.
    Kids can’t handle life.
    Real Life Parenting recently posted…So You Think I’m a TrollMy Profile

    • Ha Ha! Right, I don’t like them so they shouldn’t be able to form a group! We would be as crazy as they are.

      Glad you posted your link. I think I may have missed that one somehow, but was cracking up while reading it. Damn Gays looking and acting just like everyone else! 😉

      You summed up One Million Moms perfectly!
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  8. These are the same type of people who sued Ferrero over their Nutella commercials – remember that one? Some Loony Bin lady was pissed when she “found out from friends” that the main ingredients were palm oil and sugar… She filed a suit stating the commercials were deceiving because they used the words “made with wholesome ingredients like hazelnuts and skim milk.” Despite the fact that the nutrition label on the product was correct and the same as any other nutrition label in America…. she actually won! Not only was she awarded money… Nutella changed their commercials.

    Scenario’s like those above feed groups like One Million Moms… Scenario’s that prove some people want to float through life, lalalala – being told what to do and looked out for. People, in my opinion who simply shouldn’t be parents! I mean come on – open your eyes, read a label, ask a question every now and again, do some research. If any one reading this post needs a little help… here is some instruction:

  9. Once again I feel compelled to praise your bloggy genius…Amen!

  10. I firmly believe that all children should only watch free range, lactose free, wheat free, vegan television. Oh, and that makes about as much sense as a bunch of nosy mom’s telling me what my children can and cannot watch based on their personal belief system. Ugh. Perhaps they should stop watching so much television and take the children to the park instead.
    If I were an author recently posted…Just let him wear the purple bootsMy Profile

  11. LOL. Now That is perfect! I only wish I would have thought of that myself!
    Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  12. Well said Rhonda! I remember an episode from one of my all time favorite shows Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, in which some fundamentalist Christians are complaining about a sketch, and one of the characters says ‘if they don’t like it can someone go to their house and show them how to change the channel?’
    Not all TV is for all audiences. We all vote with our remote controls. Frankly I find all the “Housewife” spin-offs offensive, and I manage quite well to avoid them. Jeez!!! This just sounds like a million (give or take 500,000) moms with too much free time!
    Nancy Lowell recently posted…Wine 101My Profile

    • Nancy, I love Studio 60 and that quote sums it up perfectly! You’re right, we vote with our remotes – every one of us do. If people aren’t interested in watching “shows without values” they’ll be cancelled. Apparently, we all don’t feel like everything on TV needs to be family friendly or family focused.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  13. Wow. Sounds like the judgmental women I dealt with during my son’s first year.
    Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave recently posted…Cheer Up ButtercupMy Profile

  14. Two solutions to 1m Moms Hags:

    1) Use the remote control
    2) If Number 1 fails, there’s a switch on your TV that reads “Off/On”.
    Fearless Leader recently posted…Eat Yak Poop, Sochi! Maine Has The Redneck Olympic Games!My Profile

  15. Perhaps these crusaders should turn their attention on the Duck Dynasty people? But I guess the Million Moms probably agree with the Duck Dynasty message!

  16. I’m so grateful for groups like this that take all responsibility for my children and teaching them to deal with the world around them right out of my hands. It makes my life so much easier :)
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…We have cabin fever.My Profile

  17. Doug in Oakland on February 2, 2014 at 9:58 pm said:

    I have a nine page rant on this very subject that begins with the words “In the wild…”, but I won’t recount it here. I’m not a parent, perhaps if I was I would feel differently, but I really don’t understand this obsessive need to lie to children. They are trying to figure the world out, how do lies, even benevolent ones help them do that? I still remember being a child. Hearing swear words didn’t damage me. Not knowing how to use them appropriately (because no-one would tell me) was tricky, but I figured it out.
    Perhaps these people feel damaged by their own childhoods and thus feel the responsibility to protect their children from what they went through. That I could kind of understand. This group, however, sounds to me like the PMRC that Frank Zappa fought against about song lyrics. I wonder now whether Tipper Gore, having heard some hard core gangsta rap, longs for the days when Twisted Sister was the worst she could find on the airwaves.
    Also this: they could read a book. And I wonder if their own children are embarrassed by what they are doing. Sometimes the children catch on faster than the adults.

    • ha! I love “Not knowing how to use them appropriately was tricky, but I figured it out.” That made me laugh. I think I figured that out on my own too, but it needed practice.

      I don’t know that your opinion would change if you were a parent. I felt the same before I had kids as I do now. People who have kids are the ones responsible for those kids. People who don’t have kids shouldn’t “suffer” because I have them and choose not to parent them. No one else is responsible to parent my kids – that’s insane.

      Perspective does factor in, I’m sure. Twisted Sister is nothing compared to today’s music. I hate being the “music police” in my house…but I do it. Seriously, one of the things that make me feel like a lame-ass old lady. Parental ratings are helpful, but by no means rules it. We have to listen to the songs, the messages, the words. It’s all part of the job.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  18. Absolutely perfectly stated.
    Valentine Logar recently posted…Out of the BoxMy Profile

  19. I just want to say how refreshing it was to read this today! I think everyone already said what I would say too, but I just felt the need to tell you I loved this post!
    “little shits” was my favorite part!
    Goldi recently posted…Guest Posting at When The Kids are BoredMy Profile

  20. I’m not a mom. I have no tiny humans of my own. But you know what? I like doing and watching shit on TV. And I like doing and watching shit on the internet. And I don’t want some conservative-ass moms telling me, A GROWN WOMAN, that I can’t watch shit because they don’t know how to censor media for their own damn children.
    Quirky Chrissy recently posted…That One Time You Asked Me For Ridiculous and Impossible Blog-Souvenirs From My Vacation? This is What You Get.My Profile

  21. Exactly! You should have that right! I should have that right too! After my kids go to bed, I like to watch “grown up” TV. Your comment here is perfect!
    Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  22. I’m so much not interested in having another group police what I watch or my children watch.

    Like you, I support their right to boycott..voice an opinion..etc..but DON’T DICTATE MY MORALS.

    I like mine just fine.
    RageMichelle recently posted…My Own Theme SongMy Profile

  23. Thankfully, no one seems to take the (Half a) Million Moms seriously. I don’t think many of their campaigns are successful, and we can only hope they fizzle out soon. Those women must be exhausted from hating everything all the time.
    Amy – Funny Is Family recently posted…I Like Mushrooms: Knowing the difference between an opinion and an attack.My Profile

  24. Personally I think it’s a little sad that these women are so “L” bent on sheltering their children. These are the same Mom’s who don’t want their precious little kids to experience disappointment. Then the kids hit the real world and can’t cope. There’s a much simpler solution than asking the world to police everything – personally make your own choices. If enough people don’t like something it becomes dead in the market place and goes away. That Disney is showing two Mom’s goes a long way toward proving how far this country has come in a few short years. Good for them.

  25. Had almost the same conversation with my 9 and 6 year old about the word gay. Their reaction was about the same. Pretty sure it doesn’t even rank in the top 20 list of things they are going to have to talk to their therapist about.

    If MM’s get their way does that mean the only show I can watch will be little house on the prairie, or maybe touched by an angel?

    Not cool. I need my subversive science fiction.
    Veronica recently posted…Tales from The PreschoolMy Profile

    • Isn’t if funny that they don’t even bat an eye at it and some people are afraid it is a “mature issue” that is too old for them to deal with? WTH? I’m sure I’ll screw my kids up in enough other ways, but agree that talking to them about the word gay or gay people isn’t one of them.

      I agree. I like my sci fi, fantasy, and shitty reality TV. If they don’t, they can feel free to get rid of their television.
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  26. Andrea in Texas on February 6, 2014 at 8:51 am said:

    Just found your blog via The Bloggess and I’m HOOKED. I’ve had the gay conversation with my 9-year-old, also, and so far she’s not taken to the streets looking for heroin or started stealing from her friends at school or shown any other psychological impairment for the knowledge of heterosexuality versus homosexuality. My favorite part of the conversation came when we discussed having two daddies or two mommies and she commented “I have ONE mom and she’s the BEST!” As a single parent thinking she’s missing out on something not being in a “traditional” home, that was the comment that made me float on a cloud for days!

    Looking forward to reading more and more of you!

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