Parental Rights Are Vanishing

Parental responsibilities. When you have a baby you are met with a whole list of them. Traditionally, parents have had the right to choose how to meet these responsibilities. Here are a few examples.

Responsibility: Feed your kids.
Right: I choose what my kids eat. At first, it’s either formula or breast milk. Later, no one is monitoring if I’m feeding them candy bars and potato chips for dinner or if my choice is all raw, organic fruits and veggies. It’s my parental right to choose what they are eating.

Responsibility: Shelter
Right: Apartment, house, trailer or camper is your choice. From Washington to Florida, you choose where you want to raise your family. That’s another parental right.

Responsibility: Clothing
Right: Expensive brand name or Walmart brand, buying the kids clothes new or from the Goodwill, as long as they have clothes, your good. No one cares what little Johnny is wearing.

Responsibility: Education
Right: Public school, charter school, shit, you can even home school. That’s both your right and responsibility to determine what you feel is best for your child.

Responsibility: Protect your child.
Right: Well, if you live in some eastern states, parts of this are vanishing.

I know vaccinations are a hot button for many people. If kids should get them, how kids should get them, if they’re even safe. I usually ignore articles on vaccinations all together. When my kids were younger, I was ignorant of the controversy. I did no research. Now I’m more aware, but it doesn’t affect my family since they are pretty much vaccinated for everything under the sun.

This isn’t a vaccination issue though. It’s a parental rights issue. At a time when more and more parents are bucking the trend of immunizing kids, New York is the latest state forcing even more immunizations into children, following in the steps of New Jersey and Connecticut. In most states, doctors suggest kids get a flu shot, the parents decide if they want that immunization. New York just stepped up and said no more. They’ve taken that right away from parents. The new law that says all kids under 5 must get a flu vaccine to attend preschool or daycare.

Now, many states have that same law for most major vaccines (measles, mumps, rubella, the list goes on). The difference is, in many states parents are allowed to opt out of vaccinations based on philosophical or religious beliefs.

New York is saying that a parents philosophical beliefs don’t matter. I can’t just say it’s against my religion either. I have to have to provide documentation from a religious leader. If I’m not religious, but still don’t believe my kids should be injected with the vaccine every year, my beliefs simply don’t matter.

As a parent, I’m outraged. I don’t live in these eastern states, and my kids are over 5, so you may wonder why I’m concerned. I’m not anti flu shot or pro flu shot, but I believe parental rights should be protected. I’m pro parent research to make an informed decision. I’m pro parents being able to at least consider the link in Europe a few years ago between Narcolepsy and the flu shot they were using, or that flu shots are revamped every year. Parents should have the right to take all available information into consideration, and should be allowed to make an informed decision on if they want that “protection” injected into their kids.

If they are already doing it in 3 states, where will they do it next? If they are taking away parental rights with the flu shot, what will they do it with next? Why aren’t my philosophical beliefs and parental rights “freedoms” that are protected as fiercely as my freedom of religion? I take my responsibility as a parent seriously, but I expect to have all the rights that go along with those responsibilities. I don’t expect to slowly have those rights stripped away by lawmakers who think they know best.

Parental Rights Are Vanishing

15 Thoughts on “Parental Rights Are Vanishing

  1. I am appalled by this. Appalled AND disgusted.
    We’re told by everyone that our children are OUR responsibility, yet we’re given no choices as to how to raise them.
    Don’t yell too loudly at little Johnny or it’s considered abuse. Don’t discipline them at all–it’s bad for their self-esteem.
    Don’t refuse your children anything material. It will affect their self-worth to have less than their friends.
    Don’t tell your children no-they need to learn self-control themselves.
    The government and the asinine rules and regulations they’re passing are creating whole generations of selfish, self-serving, and entitled children and there will be nothing a parent can do about it.
    Just imagine: These children are the adults that will be running this country when we’re old.

  2. What worries me is, if they are doing it with this – trying to force the administering of a medical procedure, which my kid has had all of his as well but like you say that’s beside the point – then what is next? What will they try to force next? If you start with one thing and it is allowed, then it opens the door for other things.

    • Exactly Stephanie! I might not care about flu vaccinations being mandatory, but for some people that’s a big concern. I would guess many people were opting out of the flu shot, since they decided to step in and make it mandatory. But what happens Next might be MY big concern. Parents need to be allowed to be parents in every area of the kids lives.

  3. I agree certain shots should be required – polio, measles, meningitis but Flu…no. My kids have only gotten the flu shot one time when all that swine H1N1 was going on. But now they are 8 and 10 and have immunities built up and no. I would be pretty pissed if I was told they had to get the flu shot. And don’t even get me going on the STD shot – I know one family whose daughter had it and ended up being the few that had an adverse reaction. She was hospitalized with paralysis! I shit you not, no second hand crazy story – real from the person major medical disaster.

    • Holy Shit! You know, I was pretty leery when that shot came out since it hadn’t really been tested. Then, I thought, at least I don’t have girl, so I don’t have to make a choice on that one. But I heard they want to give it to boys, also, to “protect their partners.” Now, I’m thinking, at least my kids are young enough where I don’t have to make that choice right now…unless the government wants to step in for me and make it a mandatory shot to attend school or some bullshit.

      • yeah neither of my children will be getting that shot. Poor kid was paralyzed for 3 months and had to wear a colostomy bag. She had to relearn to walk, pee, etc. Was a huge sports player, now can’t. Still has problems will her bladder – which just imagine that as a girl in high school and your bladder doesn’t always work. Horrible.

        • What an absolute nightmare, both for the girl, and her parents. And no doubt they were told the shot was the best thing for their child – it would “protect her.” I can’t even imagine how her parents must have felt – and they were really just trying to look out for the well being of their daughter and do what was best for her. What a freaking nightmare.

  4. I am always concerned about vaccines, but we get them anyway. I did put my son on a delayed schedule but he was still vaccinated. We do not get the flu shot AND my husband is in the medical field, so when he is worried about it then I have issues. I do not like to hear this may be mandated.

    • I probably would opt for a delayed schedule if I had it to do over again. When I heard about it being mandated in New York I was appalled. But, only when doing research for this post, did I find out that Connecticut and New Jersey already have been mandating this. I hate to run around screaming “The Sky Is Falling” but now it’s up to 3 states, and how many people are completely unaware (like I was) that this is even happening in other states?

  5. Don’t want to pretend to understand all this of government telling us how to raise your kids.. I was on the earlier trend of ‘no spanking’ and although I really didn’t see what the problem was, it was proven to be a positive move. I have no strong opinions on vaccinations.. have had them all, pro flu shots (the flu can kill), not so sure about chicken pox.. some virus’ are good for our immune system. HPV vaccinations, that’s a tough one for parents.. but as a long time cancer center worker I can tell you.. it DOES SAVE LIVES. I have seen first hand the other side to that coin and not anything a parent should see in their adult child because they decided ‘not’ to vaccinate.. so, parents .. think long and hard about not just today but the long term affects of vaccinating and not vaccinating. If it wasn’t for laws protecting privacy I would share some very sad stories from women and men who wished this vaccination was around when they were younger.

    • Hi Kim. I can understand what you’re saying here. As a rule, I’m pro vaccination myself. I do think parenting should be done responsibly and with much research. I’m most concerned though that people can declare so many things – lack of life support, lack of medical treatment – and as long as it’s done in the name of religion it’s okay. However, if I’m a non-religious, responsible parent who decides to research everything, I don’t have the same protection of my beliefs of what’s best for my child.

  6. It’s out of control. It really is. I felt pressure to get my daughter the Gardasil vaccination, now I highly regret it. I know that isn’t a law yet, but I’m sure it will be. I could go on, but I would be here forever. Good post and good point! Let us raise our children, please. Hasn’t the government done enough?

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  8. I agree, requiring flu shots is a bit much. Especially since they can’t possibly protect from all strains of the flu.

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