Poor Little Rich Girl

We have a problem. There’s a generation of “kids” in their teens and twenties who believe their parents are forever responsible for their happiness and well-being. They feel others should accept responsibility to cater to their wants and needs, even after they are adults. They feel others should support them, and they shouldn’t have to work for anything. They feel deserving of things they haven’t worked for, haven’t saved for, haven’t put effort into. Really, these “kids” need a good old dose of reality, then they need to grow up.

Parents have a responsibility to their children until they become adults. Parents owe their kids food, clothes, shelter, education. What parents don’t owe their kids are fancy meals, designer clothes, free reign of the house and a private school education.

Parents aren’t responsible for paying for their kids to go to college. Some parents are able to pay for their kids to go to college, other parents aren’t. If they do, that is a great gift. That’s right. It’s a gift. That gift may or may not have strings attached to it. Live at home, maintain a certain GPA, follow the house rules. Yes, I’m going to sound like my parents right now and say, “As long as you live under my roof, you will follow my rules.”

There is an 18-year-old rich girl in New Jersey who moved out of her parents house but feels it’s her right to sue her parents. She feels that even though she’s an adult, they still owe her many things. She wants them to continue paying for her senior year at her private school. She feels entitled to a college education on her parents’ dollar. She’s demanding they pay for her living expenses, even though she is living with a friend. Rich Girl needs to realize nothing is owed to her; she deserves nothing.

Rich Girl - you are entitled to nothing

Not only does Rich Girl feel entitled, the friend’s dad is an attorney and is encouraging Rich Girl to take her parents to court. Are you kidding me? This is the kind of shit that makes my blood pressure rise.

Hey Rich Girl – finish your senior year at a public school. It’s free. Daddy doesn’t need to pay anymore.

Hey Rich Girl – take out some student loans, get a job, and pay for your own college and living expenses. There is no way in hell that your parents need to fork over all kinds of cash and have no say in what you are doing.

Don’t like those options? Move back in with your parents, shut up, and follow their rules.

You don’t realize this now, but your parents love you. They want to help you. But if they feel you are going down a wrong path, they will do anything in their power to get you to make some changes. They may be right. They may be wrong. It doesn’t matter. Like a child, you are throwing a temper tantrum. You may feel like they have no clue. You may feel like you’ll make your own mistakes and learn from them. That’s a spoiled child’s attitude.

Welcome to the real world, where your feelings really don’t matter. Your parents don’t want to cut your ass off, but if you’re insistent on making poor choices, they certainly don’t have to fund them. They aren’t your own personal ATM.

Friend’s dad – Stop. Just stop. You aren’t helping here. You are undermining the people who care for this girl more than anyone else. I notice you aren’t stepping up to volunteer to pay for her private school education. Mind your own damn business and stay out of this families personal situation.

Rich Girl’s dad says she moved out because she didn’t want to follow the rules of the house. That is her right. She is an adult who can make her own choices. While she’s getting rid of the rules of the house, she’s also giving up the privileges of the house.

Rich Girl wants it all. She also wants her parents to pay the $12,000 + she has racked up in legal fees so far. I’m sure they now have their own legal fees. Seems like that college fund just may have turned into a legal fee fund for those parents.

Off to court this goes. Do you think there’s a judge in the country that would rule against these parents?

Update: Of course a judge wasn’t ruling in favor of this spoiled child. Did you see how much she was asking for in support? $650 per week. Yep, she expected her parents to cough up the equivalent of $16.25 an hour for a 40 hour a week employee. Oh little Rich Girl, reality is going to hit you hard.


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  1. I have ZERO sympathy for this young lady.

    Were the lessons we were taught at that age hard? Duh. Did we piss and moan about them or scream about how unfair our parents were? Most likely. But did we sue them? Nope. A good majority of us either sucked it up and played by the rules or we got the hell out and made our own rules (along with all the mistakes that went with them).

    This little girl needs a therapist and a long, hard look at what students/young adults far less fortunate than her are going through. Ignorant, pathetic child. God willing the judge will laugh her and her attorney right out of court.
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    • Exactly Kim! I love it! We all thought our parents were unfair and that they were full of shit. Later, life taught many of us they knew much more than we ever gave them credit for. As for the rest, perhaps their parents really were full of shit.

      She can go out and live on her own (or with friends). But to think that parents would have to support her? Oh no! She wants to be an adult, then she should be an adult. That includes supporting herself. That includes figuring out what the hell she is going to do. How this entitled little brat thinks she can have access to her parents money to spend how she pleases is beyond me.
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  2. Okay, at first I thought I’d read where the judge ruled in her favor, but it looks like I was wrong. The judge in fact, ruled AGAINST weekly child support and access to the girl’s college fund.
    The judge did set a later hearing to determine if the parents ‘constructively abandoned’ the girl or if she emancipated herself by moving out.
    The link you have above now links to the story stating such. It also says that the judge noted that allowing the girl to sue her parents would set a bad precedent for other children suing their parents for anything they want.
    It looks like the friend’s father is funding Poor Little Rich Girl’s case by hiring a lawyer for her.
    This pisses me off on so many levels. The parents gave her a consequence-follow our rules or we won’t support you. Poor baby didn’t get what she wanted so she moved out. Now Poor Baby Girl is blowing up the media with the help of a friend’s parent who has NO FUCKING BUSINESS getting involved in this family’s affairs even if he is giving the girl a place to stay.
    I can’t help but believe that the friend’s dad wants a piece of the money that’s obviously there. Too bad he made himself look like a complete dick in the process.
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  3. I saw this when someone shared it on Facebook today and I have to be honest, I can’t even understand how a lawsuit like this is even ALLOWED. These parents now have to fork over money for lawyers to defend themselves from a lawsuit that should never have seen the light of day. Sure, they could counter-sue the daughter for the legal fees, and likely win, but they’d never see that money as that spoiled little bitch doesn’t have it.
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    • Right! I really doubt these parents want to ruin their daughters life. I doubt they want her starting out five or ten thousand dollars in debt due to a lawsuit they bring about for legal fees. Although, she would deserve it. Consequences for actions.
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      • Well, I saw that the judge denied her request, but still ordered the parents to keep the money they had set aside for her college tuition untouched in an account for her. I’m not even sure how THAT is legal. That’s their money and once that girl is 18 they are not legally required to provide for her any more.

        This whole thing is a clusterfuck.
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        • It is a total clusterfuck. I thought I saw that the judge has scheduled another hearing in April (the 22nd?) to determine how much of her college, if any, the parents have to pay for. It’s crazy that they may have to pay for any of it.

          I completely look at that as a gift, but apparently the state of NJ doesn’t.
          Actually, I have a friend in IL who was telling me her husband didn’t have to pay child support after his daughter graduated, but is legally required to pay for a portion of her schooling/books.
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          • That is nuts. Maybe I should sue my dad for using my college tuition money for a new house instead of my education. How fucking ridiculous.
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            • I’m really starting to feel old here. No matter what the law was when I was growing up, the consequences of taking my parents to court would have far outweighed the value of a free education.

              If those parents don’t want to give her the money for school, the relationship between parents and daughter will be damaged further by her taking it. Rich Girl needs to realize she doesn’t know it all. Oh, and SHE isn’t the one who is rich.
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  4. “Your parents don’t want to cut your ass off, but if you’re insistent on making poor choices, they certainly don’t have to fund them.” Truer words have not been spoken. This advice goes beyond Poor Little Rich Girl.
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  5. I read about this earlier on the Net this morning when I got up. I about flipped my lid. This absolutely incenses me and I have zero tolerance for kids/younger people like this. I’m old school and traditional and for starters this kid would have never been in the position to even pull a stunt like this were I here father. Sorry, I just came across your post and got all fired up again, Rhonda :)
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    • That kind of thing happens to me all the time, Mike. I never would have even thought of doing something like this to my parents. I swear it’s the entitlement generation. Everybody owes them something. Total BS. Maybe the girl with do some thinking now and realize Daddy’s rules weren’t so bad, especially when Daddy was paying all the bills.
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  6. Doug in Oakland on March 4, 2014 at 11:39 pm said:

    My mother worked for criminal attorneys. Her words still ring in my ears:
    “Upon reaching the age of majority, one is then and forever after legally responsible for one’s own actions.”
    This seems like some out of bounds meddling by the friend’s father. These issues the girl and her parents were struggling with are very common and display the by-products of the privilege and shelter she grew up in. What I mean by that is that the level of privilege you grow up in is your normal and what you come to expect until something teaches you different. And sheltered children do become curious about the things forbidden them. These are thorny parenting issues. Teens learning to express and assert their independence are almost by definition a handful to deal with, and this seems like it should have been a life lesson for the girl about choices and consequences, before her friend’s father got involved.
    And maybe it still can be. She is, after all, a high achieving girl with good grades and a scholarship. So she’s bratty, immature, and she has a bad boyfriend. The first two she can grow out of, and, well, to me she seems a little too fond of her material comforts to go too far down the bad-boy path. I could be wrong about that one, though, I have been before. Also, we don’t really know anything about the boyfriend except that her Dad who was a police commissioner didn’t like him. What really seems sad and unfortunate to me is her imperviousness to perspective: she’s an intelligent girl and no doubt knows that a sizable fraction of the population of the planet has to get by on less than $2 a day.

    • I think most kids re-test their parents boundaries right around the time they turn 18. Many of them decide they are done following other people’s rules. Most figure they know it all. The BIG difference though is they don’t expect mom and dad to still be their money machine.

      As far as her perspective goes, I’ve been giving that a little thought. I personally know that “a sizable fraction of the population of the planet has to get by on less than $2 a day.” I have seen a lot of things, but I have no real, solid concept of what that would be like or what that really means. I believe I have a greater grasp of reality than this girl does…not entirely because I’m older, but mostly because I’ve lived in the world, paid my bills, and haven’t always had material items handed to me. I’ve never felt entitled to something that someone else earned (like my parents money, for example). I believe she honestly thought $650 per week was a reasonable amount to ask for in “support.” That’s the really sad part to me. There is no way she can understand the lives other people live everyday.
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  7. Oh my – that is so ridiculous. How dis this even get court time – surely there are better things for the courts to be doing than humouring a spoilt little girl. If she had left for reasons of abuse I would have some sympathy, but once the police had established there was none, that was it -surely – chuck it out and deal with the actual criminals.

    We wonder why kids have no respect for adults anymore – teachers are scared of dealing with bad behaviour in case they are sued, doctors are scared of treating patients in case they are sued – apparently parents can’t even get on with their job anymore.
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  9. Unfortunately, I think “entitlement” is something the younger generation appears to be struggling with right now and this is not a unique case, but maybe more highly publicized. My husband and I talk weekly about how we can raise hard working, leaders rather than give-me kids.

    • You are absolutely right! My husband and I talk about it often. We want our kids to grow up working for things, not having everything handed to them and then acting like that isn’t even good enough. Hopefully many parents will see the “entitled” generation and work hard to fight against that with the kids they are raising.
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  10. Thankfully the judge agreed and slapped her down.
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  11. Can you imagine if we made demands like this on our parents? A swift clip on the back of the neck would have been what was received…not child support! My parents taught me how to work for my money and work hard. Nothing was ever a hand out or an expectation. University was taken care of through MY hard work, not their pocketbook. I see this so much in kids today and I hope that I am NOT instilling this attitude of entitlement on my kids. They don’t get whatever they want and they know that anything I give them is because I want to not because I have to.
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    • Oh dear god no! I never would have even thought to try to pull something like this on my parents! I’m thankful now (not then) that they taught me to work for things. I get so annoyed by all the people with their hands out expecting someone else to take care of everything they want/need. As soon as my kids tell me I have to do something is about the time I stop doing most things. We talk often of making sure our boys don’t grow up with that type of attitude. We all do our best :)
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