Spanking Comments Worse Than Proposed Kansas Bill

I’m sure you’ve probably seen Kansas in the news…again. This time for a proposed spanking bill. Initially it didn’t bother me too much, simply because I thought it was so absurd there wasn’t a chance in hell of it actually getting voted into law.

After I read the first article, I started looking at comments. I figured there was no way people would think that spanking kids hard enough to bruise their bottoms was okay. That’s where I was wrong. I read the same article on several news sites and found the comments all lined up. Roughly half the comments were in adamant support of the bill. What the hell?

In case you missed the story, in Kansas, like in many other states, spanking kids is legal. Being legal wasn’t enough for Democratic state Rep. Gail Finney. She introduced a bill to loosen the restrictions on spanking kids in the state.

The proposed bill gives clear guidelinesup to ten forceful applications in succession of a bare, open-hand palm against the clothed buttocks of a child and any such reasonable physical force on the child as may be necessary to hold, restrain or control the child in the course of maintaining authority over the child, acknowledging that redness or bruising may occur on the tender skin of a child as a result. As used in this subsection “child” includes a person over the age of 18 who is enrolled in high school

Did you read that? Not just skim it, but read it? I’ve read it several times, and each time something else seems to jump out at me.

The people leaving comments who are pro “spank them until their butts are black and blue” are extremely vocal and blunt with their thoughts.

Below are some of the actual comments I saw about allowing teachers to spank their kids – a direct copy and paste (excuse all the typos). All I did is add bold to separate the comment from my commentary.

spanking comments by idiots

i say good. as long as it don’t go too far, parent’s won’t sapnk there kids. but teachers will now that it’s legal. good.
What exactly is “too far” for spanking? Black and blue is apparently okay? 10 swats is the magic number?

I was spanked in school…and it’s so needed again !!! YES YES !!!
Right, it happened to you, so it’s good enough for your kid (and mine)? This person actually seems excited at the thought.

Sure WOULD! Then they would get another spanking for having to get one at school! ITS ABOUT TIME!
It’s about time? Right, line ’em up now, and let’s let the teachers have at ’em. Dumbass.

No! Discipline is the PARENT’s responsibility. They are the ones that need to teach their children respect. If they act up in school, the parents need to correct them!!!
I said almost this exact thing in a comment myself.

Yes. Why not? Children nowadays are too much of a brat and no discipline. Sometimes spanking teaches kids boundaries and discipline.
Why not? I can list several reasons. Mostly, I don’t trust the teachers judgement. If they can’t make a phone call to me to let me know what’s going on, I certainly don’t trust them to bruise up my kids bottoms.

Maybe if more parents disciplined their kids, it would not be necessary for teachers to discipline them.
While I agree, parents should discipline their kids, discipline and spanking are not exclusively the same.

All you NO Sayers better think about something and it’s not speculation or guess work, It’s fact and real. YOU are part of the problem with today’s youth.
Pssst. Just because you say “it’s fact and real” doesn’t actually make it a fact or real.

YES. ..if the problem is deserving of a spanking I am all for it!
I hate the word deserve, but okay. Whose guidelines are we using to determine if they “deserve” a spanking? Is that going to be the “go to” punishment now?

No!! I would come do it myself! I don’t need a teacher do it! That’s my job, her job is to teach my child! End of story!!
Agreed. My job to discipline my kid.

Two words…HELL YEAH!
I think it’s a great idea. Right now there is no punishment for acting up in school. Maybe the embarrassment of getting spanked in front of your classmates will teach some respect.

Fuck. Really, this person is living in the same country as I am. This is a great idea? This guy doesn’t just want the kids to get a spanking, he wants the kid to be humiliated in front of the entire class, too. Great. I think I’m becoming dumber by reading these comments. Only a few more to go.

Previous generations did it with no issue and if it will knock some sense into kids these days…go for it!
Nice choice of words there. “Knock some sense into kids” and “go for it!” I never realized how lucky my kids were before this moment.

Didn’t hurt any of us growing up. As a matter of fact maybe it would teach these kids a bit of respect and correct some extremely pathetic behaviors that kids have nowadays. Never seen so many kids that are disrespectful and hateful as I see these days. Poor parenting, too much entitlement, and kids who don’t understand the concept of humility. It’s pathetic.
Someone has to see the irony of this, right? Right? This person actually says it “didn’t hurt any of us growing up.”  The actual spanking didn’t hurt you? I wonder if your ass was black and blue. Just what the fuck?

I say yes, let the teachers spank them and then when they get home have the parents spank them again. If the kids are not punished at school why should they stop misbehaving.
Apparently 10 licks at school isn’t enough. The kid deserves another 10 at home. I wonder if it would be 10 from each parent, or if they believe 20 swats is enough. I’m not against punishing a kid at school. I’m not against calling a parent and having the parents discipline them at home. Why is the go to answer for these people a spanking?

Not sure were you live but I know for a fact that where I live now and where I have lived in the past teachers spanking students was common place as long as you sign a waiver allowing corporal punishment. If I couldn’t get to the school to handle it the teach will handle it and I will inspect it when I arrive to ensure that it was done within reason. I would rather them tell me this is possible than to have the daycare or school tell me it would never happen and I find out that it happens all the time to the children in their care. Children were spanked often when I was in school and when we saw the wooden paddles we knew they teachers, principles etc meant business. It’s interesting that alot of people take issue with it but the reason it has come up is clearly because the lack of physical discipline on the behalf of the parents is not working. The school system wouldn’t have to do the parents job if they did the jobs themselves before sending these children into the world.
Oh dear God, where to even start. These kids are school aged. If you “couldn’t get there in time” it could have waited until you were all in your own home. They remember what they did that was deserving any type of punishment.

Don’t shove the dirty work of disciplining your kid off on someone else – school administrator or otherwise.

You inspect to be sure it was in reason? But if it got out of hand, it was too late at that point, and YOU are the one who allowed it to happen.

Mommy & Daddy do NOT want to discipline those wonderful brats. Someone needs to do it. Sometimes those kids needs a good smack before they listen to you.
Seriously? Smack them up a bit an they’ll listen? Let’s try talking to them to get them to listen.

I give up here.

I shared one of the many articles I saw on my Bitch & Whine Facebook page.  Facebook showed this post to a total of 50 people, but someone name Charlie saw it and decided to leave some comments on the article. Although Charlie is a complete stranger, he thinks he knows how I think and how I raise my kids. Charlie proceeded to tell me what a crappy job mothers do with their kids – oddly enough, he only mentions mothers, not both parents.

Then, Charlie kind of flipped out on me, and I’m sure many people would take offense to what he said. Personally I don’t put too much stock in Charlie’s beliefs. Eventually, I got tired of hearing Charlie’s opinions, but left them there so anyone can see what ol’ Charlie thinks, just like they can see what I think.

Thoughts on spanking kids are all over the board. I understand that. Several states still have laws that say teachers can spank kids, although I don’t know if any schools do. This last week has been a learning experience for me, to say the least.

Isn’t there something of actual importance the lawmakers of Kansas could be working toward? Seriously, discrimination last week and now this?

My opinions on this one are obvious, but feel free to share your thoughts. Spanking until black and blue? Do you think Kansas is onto something here?




14 Thoughts on “Spanking Comments Worse Than Proposed Kansas Bill

  1. I have spanked my children and when I do it’s normally a last resort. I don’t automatically go to it. That being said, if my children’s school called and asked if they could spank one of my children I might let them do it depending on the behavior exhibited. I certainly wouldn’t sign a waiver giving the school carte-blanche to beat my children at their discretion.

    Yes, a teacher’s primary job is to teach, but there are rules at school and those rules should be enforced by the staff there AND the parents. Detention and suspensions, when justified, should be used. Also, there are some parents who just don’t discipline their children so it does kind of fall to the school to do something for a child who continually misbehaves and is not disciplined at home.

    There’s really no clear-cut answer to this. Each child is different and will respond to different forms of discipline. You have to find what works for each child by trial and error.
    Twindaddy recently posted…Having Ears Is Sometimes A Bad ThingMy Profile

  2. I would never EVER give a school permission to strike my child.

    I don’t really know these teachers. What if they are sadistic asshats who get off on hitting a child. Or they’re frustrated and need to take it out on someone?

    Of COURSE that kind of abuse will happen. This was many years ago, but when I was in the 8th grade, I had a teacher call me out into the hallway and hit me HARD with a paddle. I DID NOTHING to deserve it. He paddled all the girls in my class throughout the year. It’s very obvious to me now that he got off on it.

    Some of us chose to not use physical violence as a method of discipline. I have a 15 year old son who is a great student. He’s polite and respectful and has a great sense of self. His father and I have NEVER hit him. You can discipline without hitting a kid.

    If a parent chooses to go that route, then as long as they aren’t abused or marked, I have nothing to say about it other than I chose differently. That being said..NO WAY a school should be able to override a parent’s choice in discipline methods.
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  3. The more I think about this, the more disturbing it is. How could someone even WRITE about ‘bruising or redness on the tender skin of a child’ as being something acceptable??

    Big people are supposed to take care of little people. Big people shouldn’t hit little people. THEY TRUST US. And we do what? We betray them by physically abusing them.

    Disciplining a child takes time and patience, it does not have to include physical violence.
    RageMichelle recently posted…Buzzfeed Quizzes: Obsessive Behavior At It’s SilliestMy Profile

    • Michelle, you’re comment that big people are supposed to take care of little people has stayed with me. You’re right. We need to teach our children and sometimes that will take every drop of patience we have. But that is the most important part of parenting.
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  4. Doug in Oakland on February 20, 2014 at 6:11 pm said:

    I’m struck by the contemptuous, dismissive attitudes towards the children themselves; as if they were not human beings to be helped and educated, but instead problems to be corrected and forced into conformity by any means necessary.
    You know who else are human beings, and damned important ones at that? Teachers.
    I could go off on a loud rant about (mostly) conservatives’ attitude toward teachers, but instead I’ll just wonder what should be done with the gun they believe should be in every classroom while the teacher is busy beating the students. What could possibly go wrong?
    For a powerful look at what abuse looks like from the child’s point of view, I recommend this blog post:

  5. In my humble opinion, spanking is all about fear and humiliation — and not about discipline or molding a better human being. I don’t know of anyone who was made into a kinder, gentler, more compassionate person by being hit by someone else.
    Jana recently posted…Birthing and BedpansMy Profile

    • Jana, thank you. I find talking to my boys is usually more effective than spanking would be. That’s not to say that other punishments aren’t sometimes needed as well, but they are still trying to learn about the world, and if we don’t explain things to them, how will they understand?
      Rhonda @Bitch & Whine recently posted…A Reminder About Stranger DangerMy Profile

  6. I’m not a big one on spanking. Before I go on I only twice tap with my hand on my son rump.
    Usual I had other method when it came to discipline then spanking. All around I’m for building a positive life. Not tearing and degrading someone down either physical or mentally.
    Sound like someone reads the bible to much
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  8. charles on July 20, 2014 at 1:59 pm said:

    Personally I think spanking is good in certain situations. There are some situations where a child is completely out of control and needs to learn their place. However I think in most situations with most children simply talking to them or a time out with work wonders.

    I was always very head strong and time outs and groundings did not work on me. Spanking caused me enough pain/embarrassment to make me seriously hesitate before doing something bad.

    Also about the bruising, children’s skin does tend to bruise easily so I believe that provision in the law was just to make that clear, that a little bruising does not necessarily mean abuse.

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